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#1 2007-03-31 05:09:55

From: Winnipeg
Registered: 2007-03-31
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New Digimon Story (Sun Burst & Moon Light)

When I tried load these new digimon roms (960, 961),
DeSmuME downed and can't execute. (it printed frame 1, but never moving and just white out)

I hope next version will be work perfectly like Digimon Story (a.k.a Digimon World DS)

Sorry for my English is very poor


#2 2007-03-31 05:25:33

From: Florida
Registered: 2007-03-17
Posts: 18

Re: New Digimon Story (Sun Burst & Moon Light)

yeah some roms aren't compatible, but i wouldn't give it long before shash gets em up and running, the emulator (though a few speed issues that will be resolved i hear) is doing great! Leaps and bounds more than before the 3D was introduced.

Just give it time and i'm sure the game you wanna play will work in a future build.


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