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#1 2007-06-23 13:57:09

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Link of semi-working games?

Anyone could list a few games that work and have a decent FPS rate? Like 20+ ? I want to know which of the game at the moment are semi playable tongue IF there are any


#2 2007-06-23 14:34:07

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Re: Link of semi-working games?

Framerates are not taken into account in the compatibility list because speed doesn't make a game incompatible with the emulator. So no, it doesn't exist afaik.


#3 2007-06-23 20:38:52

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Re: Link of semi-working games?

i suggest u try games where fps doesn't matter .. Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney (both) are working pretty good (except last chapter).
Digimon World does work too .. (though i dont like pokemon, it is a nice rpg).
harvest moon ds does work, but u should be very patient;  fps may not be important, but u'll easily fall asleep

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