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#1 2007-05-29 12:17:35

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Boxes and a Ghosting Issue

This is not a complaint, I am posting this because I thought seeing it might help incase it's not been seen yet or provide a different angle on a problem.

Just showing some boxes in DBZ Supersonic Warriors 2. Also note that during the intro, the more text shows across the screen the slower the emu runs. There's also discolouration here and there.


You can clearly see a box around Goku. Also the big rock in the middle with a sword is cut off by the two boxes from the two fighters.


This menu was glitched slightly more just now....I descided to go back and take a screenshot of this aswell but it looks slightly differently to before. The bottom screen had also been messed up. Anyways, this is rather strange as the other menus I encountered were fine.

Children of Mana has a similar issue, but these boxes are black instead. There is also a part of the intro which was just white, but I did not make a screenshot of that as it's well...just white. The intro has more black boxes.


Lunar Dragon Song which at least to my eye looks similar to Children of Mana with the way it should be coded does not have those boxes and actually looks perfect in a similar scene...I presume the difference is caused by the different way the games use 2D and 3D eventhough it looks similar. Here there is a ghosting issue which is also present in iDeaS but not no$gba. It seems to me to occur when switching from mainly 3D to 2D.



The rest looks fine though, although I have not played much, I will test further at a later stage.



Custom Robo Arena, which also has a look like the above to RPG's, does not even start the story just runs on with a white screen and nothing happening. I guess it's rendered using a lot more 3D than the above two games.

This was using the latest WIP release 28th May. If you dont like me doing this, (don't worry I won't do it often anyways, only if I find something new will I post again) then let me know and I will stop.

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#2 2007-05-29 18:30:42

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Re: Boxes and a Ghosting Issue

The Children of Mana problem is the same as in Castlevania.
It will be fixed when transparency/transluency gets added to desmume.

Lunar Song bug is quite old, dunno whats causing it. Also since the MIC isnt implemented yet, the chars always auto-escape battles, not really playeable.

DBZ didnt get ingame the last time i tried, gonna re-test it. Is it the US version?

I think bug reports are ok, when you just report them, and dont expect a quick fix wink

EDIT: ok just tested it again, and i have to run the emu, exit and the next time i run, it goes ok.
Maybe it just needs the .sav file thats created the 1st time you run desmume.
Its seems to have the same problem as Children of Mana:

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#3 2007-05-29 18:40:48

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Re: Boxes and a Ghosting Issue

Both "Children of Mana" and "DBZ 2" bugs are related to transparency, and it's normal on current CVS. I didn't test the rest.


#4 2007-05-29 18:53:07

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Re: Boxes and a Ghosting Issue

With reference to Lunar Dragon Song, I knew there was a reason why a game looked so perfect yet no one was playing it, silly me I had just forgotten what that was.
Ok then. If I find another game with ghosting I will let you know.

Bug reports are fine yes, but I am sure shash and others would not be terribly happy if I reported every single game with the exact same transparency issue...or another known issue, which is why I am being cautious not to offend.

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