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#1 2012-11-19 00:34:09

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[osx] pokemon platinum cheats

hy there I donwloaded desmume 09.8 for mac snow leopard(lion is slower, didn't update) and the cheats for pokemon platinum don't work how can I fix this problem? plz


#2 2012-11-22 03:53:07

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Re: [osx] pokemon platinum cheats

Cheats are sorta hit-and-miss when it comes to whether they work or not.

It may help to use a pre-made R4 cheat database. These collections of cheats are better tested and should be more likely to work with your game. Unfortunately, the link to the GBAtemp database is no longer valid, so you will need to search elsewhere. Look for a file named "USRCHEAT.DAT", or something similar to that name. Specifically, you are looking for an R4 cheat database file. Note that there may be other types of cheat database files for the Nintendo DS. However, the only ones that will work with DeSmuME are R4 cheat database files.

After you download the R4 cheat database file, do the following to steps to load it into DeSmuME:
1. In the Finder, move the downloaded R4 cheat database file to your desired location.
2. In the DeSmuME app, choose DeSmuME > Preferences.
3. In the Preferences window, click General if it is not already selected.
4. Under Cheat Configuration, click Choose.
5. In the file navigation sheet, select your downloaded R4 cheat database file, then click OK.

To add and enable a cheat:
1. Load a ROM if a ROM is not already loaded.
2. Choose Emulation > Show Cheat Manager...
3. In the Cheat Manager window, click View Cheat Database.
4. If your R4 cheat database has entries for your ROM, you will be able to add new cheats by checking the desired cheats, and then clicking Add. (You may also click Select All to select all cheats available. For the Pokemon games, you may not want click Select All so readily, since there may be over 1000 cheats available for those games!)
5. Once you click Add, your selected cheats will be added to the cheat list. You can enable the cheats by checking their checkboxes.


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