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#1 2012-09-17 00:34:36

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Possible to live stream Desmume?

I would like to stream Desmume gameplay on twitch tv but whenever I run xsplit or ffsplit along with Desmume unbearable lag happens.  I have tried playing Desmume without a stream program and there is absolutely no lag; the gameplay is perfect.  I'd play around with the frameskip options but that creates moments of really fast gameplay and moments of lag; this does not seem to be a problem on other streams.

I have tried to dedicate 2, 3 cores to desmume and the rest to xsplit but that does not resolve the lag at all.  The lag is worse then Xsplit is capturing some video and when Xsplit is treaming (so when xsplit is capturing video and streaming the lag is at its worst).


#2 2012-09-20 17:54:38

Radical Ninja
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Re: Possible to live stream Desmume?

that sounds like a problem for xsplit or ffsplit support. here's relevant information: desmume may use opengl to a backbuffer (or not, depending on whether you picked software rasterizer, which you should do to try and solve this problem); and it uses directdraw for final screen presentation (you may choose to use a hardware surface or a software surface, which you should try changing in an effort to solve this problem). We'll be glad to help them understand why the emulator doesnt work well with their software, but it isnt our problem.

Desmume needs 100% of one core in order to run well. If the compression or stream dumping from xsplit or ffsplit happen in that main thread, then your performance will suffer. If you think other programs or emulators have no problem, then run them unthrottled without capturing to see how much faster they run than desmume unthrottled.


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