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#1 2012-08-14 18:15:23

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Hotkeys on mac

hey does anybody know how to configure/adding hotkeys on mac??

I'm playing last window the secret of cape west right now and i'm stuck at the switch (the one that have to flipped the switch at the same time, to turn off the fire alarm), I already searched how to do it and all of them said to rapidly press the forward frame key while slide the cursor (stylus) from the bottom switch to the upper one.

BUT I don't know what the hotkeys is, so PLEASE help me, i'm dying to finish this game


#2 2012-08-19 07:28:40

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Re: Hotkeys on mac

All the DeSmuME controls can be found in the user preferences.

To view the controls:
1. Choose DeSmuME > Preferences.
2. In the button bar at the top of the window, click Input.
3. Select the Controller tab.

To set a control:
1. Click the desired control you want to set.
2. While the control is highlighted, press the input you would like to use. (The input could be a keyboard button, mouse button, or gamepad/joystick button.)
3. If the control becomes unhighlighted, this means it has been set.


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