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#1 2008-04-26 05:10:54

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Problems with Digimon DS Dusk version

I'm having lot of trouble.... for start, it is veery slow, also i can't move the screen with the pointer, i mean, it works clicking in battles and stuff like that, but when i wanna move the screen it doesn't work. Also, (this is the most important) when i wanna set goods in my farm (place items, like food, growing up stuff, etc) i can't place them in the map, and is not a game issue, because friends have already tried in theirs and it works perfectly, of course they have another emulator, but im already very advance and don't wanna start again. Also, if i don't find a way quick, my digimons'll die, i know that it doesn't sound as a big deal just reading it, but i have almost a week wasting time training them and i don't want em to die just because i can't feed em. (note, yes, i've checked everywhere, and i can't find a solution, no, is not my problem, i've tried all possible ways to fix it myself.).

Thank you in advantage for your answers.

Edit: My computer is a macbook leopard.

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#2 2008-04-27 04:29:54

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Re: Problems with Digimon DS Dusk version

Compatibility isn't perfect, but it gets better over time. Speed also gets better over time. You can help by updating the compatibility list, testing more to narrow down what the problem is, or submitting patches if you can program.


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