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#1 2011-03-23 17:52:11

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In-Game problem

Ok, to make it simple. I'm using Desmune to start new ROM with game Bleach 3rd Phantom. When I open ROM and start it, it looks like this:

I just uploaded some image to confirm that I press start by clicking Enter. Everything is still normal. And why it wouldn't be ? Let's go to second picture.

Still everything look normal, but... start doesn't work. I can't start new game and the only thing I can do is to move up and down on those options showed here. Why a second ago when it shows 'press start' everything works fine by clicking Enter and when I want to start game I just can't do it ? I tried by changing configuration, still nothing. Is this ROM's fault ? Desmune's some sort of bug ? Something in options ? Thanks for help and I appreciate any answers wink.


#2 2011-03-23 18:59:22

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Re: In-Game problem

If this game works like any other game, you're most likely supposed to use the A button instead of the Start button in menus, while the start button should only be used when you're specifically asked for it.

Also, if this game works like *most* other games, you can probably use your mouse and click anything on the lower screen instead of using any button (some games don't use the lower screen as a touch screen, but so far the only game I've seen which didn't use the lower screen as a touch screen was Sonic Colors DS during the actual levels. I don't play many DS games though).

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#3 2011-03-23 19:35:20

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Re: In-Game problem

this is working exactly correctly. try it on the hardware. you may need the game's manual in order to learn how to operate it. or you may need to consult anyone else who has ever played a video game, ever. if you have played a video game before, then perhaps you should think back to how you interacted with its menus and try to apply what you learned to this game. if all else fails, you might try pressing every possible button until it works.


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