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#1 2007-04-21 23:09:24

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GNU General Public License and a GDB stub

I have had a mostly complete GDB debugger stub (allows source level debugging of ARM9 and ARM7 code) sat around for a while now. I have decided to complete it and place it into the CVS.

There is a little licensing issue however. Some of the code is common with the GDB debugger stub that I developed for the NDS hardware (not complete - see my website for more info) and there has been cross over of code and there will be in the future. I do not want to apply the GNU GPL license to the NDS hardware version of the stub (impels people to release source of programs compiled to include the GDB stub). I am happy to (and probably will) release the NDS hardware based GDB stub code as public domain, non-copyright.

Does this mean that the version of the code in desmume cannot be licensed under GNU GPL?
I am happy to release the desmume version as public domain non-copyright too with a comment in the code noting the difference in license. Would this have an impact upon the rest of desmume?

My main concerns are to not have a license forced upon the common GDB stub code and to not impact the license of the rest of the desmume code.

I do not see a problem with being public domain, non copyright along side GNU GPL as the original stub template was taken from a public domain, non copyright source code file from within the GDB (itself GNU GPL).

Any comments or advice?


#2 2007-04-22 02:45:58

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Re: GNU General Public License and a GDB stub


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