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#1 2010-05-17 22:27:54

SS5 vegito
Registered: 2009-05-05
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DeSmuME 3DS, eventually?

I'm just pondering, for no particular reason. If the Nintendo 3DS is essentially just a normal DS with 3D aesthetics integrated on a new unit and different game titles, would it then be possible to make the current DeSmuME engine compatible with these gimmick features, so to speak? Like I said before, I don't really care about it either way, I was just curious as to what might possibly be next when normal DS titles start taking a backseat to this sort of pseudo "next gen" form of gaming.


#2 2010-05-18 03:25:32

Awesome Possum
Registered: 2009-02-15
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Re: DeSmuME 3DS, eventually?

How do you suggest emulating a 3D display on a 2D screen? There aren't too many details on the way the 3d screen will function but as it appears right now it'll only be an aesthetic thing and not actually have any effect on gameplay itself (I.E. using 3D to peek around objects, etc). If that turns out to be so I wouldn't expect any sort of workaround for that on the emulator.


#3 2010-05-18 03:51:31

Radical Ninja
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Re: DeSmuME 3DS, eventually?

i dont think the 3ds is going to be a normal ds with 3d aesthetics integrated on a new unit. replace every 3ds you just said with dsi, and maybe.


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