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#1 2022-08-27 22:50:25

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White Bar Present only in full screen & Top of Screen is cut-off (OSX)

DeSmuME (using git#be2735b3 on OSX) runs perfect, but am I having some display issues, only in full-screen. I use OpenGL for the 3D rendering machine by default and switching it around did not solve the issue.

From experimentation I've figured out a couple things about this issue:
• The problem is not the ROM, as any and all ROM I've run have the same white bars
• Not the issue with the version -- I downloaded the most recent build, but the same issue was present, except the white bars were grey instead.
• Minimizing the screen, rotating it, and then going full screen again, makes the bar smaller
• Making the display vertical will just move the white bar to the top, instead of the right

Images of a ROM running, graphic and emulation settings are attached here:

Any help is appreciated big_smile

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#2 2022-09-02 04:04:08

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Re: White Bar Present only in full screen & Top of Screen is cut-off (OSX)

Mac DeSmuME always sizes the display window to fit whatever display settings you give it. You can see this in action if you try to use the resize grip in the lower right-hand corner of the window. In other words, the display windows in the screenshots should be technically impossible to make. You should not be seeing any extraneous drawable area at all, white or otherwise (with the exception of the Hybrid 16:9 and Hybrid 16:10 display layouts, which should only have a single black area above the minor screens).

Also, the latest version of DeSmuME is v0.9.13. Are you sure that you are using that? Development versions (named git#) are considered unstable and are unsupported.

If problems still persist after using v0.9.13, then post your Mac's information here. In DeSmuME, choose "Help > Submit a Bug Report...", and then follow the onscreen instructions.


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