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#1 2022-05-10 14:32:24

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background imput on mac

so im on mac and im trying to enable background input so i can play the same copy of pokemon soul silver at the same time.. i cant find the backgroud input on the mac layout help..


#2 2022-05-11 17:43:54

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Re: background imput on mac

What do you mean by "play the same copy of pokemon soul silver at the same time"? Do you mean you duplicated to run two separate app instances, and now you want background input to control both app instances at once?

If this is the case, then Mac DeSmuME supports this by default. However, you will need to use a HID input device, such as a gamepad or joystick, to use background input, as macOS does not allow you to use standard keyboard and mouse inputs without window focus.

For controlling the touch screen, the lack of standard mouse input may seem like an issue at first, but if you know what specific touch locations are needed at specific times, then you can assign specific touch locations to a button on your HID input device. In DeSmuME > Preferences under Input, assign a button to the Touch control, and then click Settings to the right. In the Settings sheet, enable "Use user defined coordinates", and then enter in the desired touch location.

But how do you know what touch locations to enter? The HUD can help you with that. Enable the HUD by choosing a display window, and then in the menu, choosing View > Enable Heads-Up Display. With the HUD enabled, you can view the NDS inputs by choosing View > HUD Info Visibility > Input. At the bottom of the display window, you will see the NDS inputs light up as the emulated NDS environment sees them, including the touch location. You can use the reported X/Y coordinates to assign the correct touch locations to your mapped HID input device button in your DeSmuME Input Preferences.


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