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#1 2007-03-23 06:02:22

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64bit version?

Has anyone compiled a win64 binary of 6.0 yet? The 32bit one works but slowly sad


#2 2007-03-23 11:41:51

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Re: 64bit version?

On the older forum a person managed to compile it under win64, and also he did some optimizations, and touched multi-core code.
But we never saw a patch or source related to that.
Hope you come back and give desmume a hand "Xtra Krrazy"

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#3 2007-03-23 17:41:40

XTra KrazzY
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Re: 64bit version?

Hi there,
The minute I saw 64-bit I decided to register to the :new new: forums...

Sadly, when buying Windows Vista, the option to compile 64-bit code was ruined due to hard drive damage... Now I forgot all of the settings, and I have to reinstall DXSDK (a lot of time), GZip Library (it took me time to find it, and it's gonna take a lot of time again, and some openGL libraries for 3D.

The major problem is that most of the graphics source code has changed, leaving me with no multi-core modified code(c'mon, what would've been better for framerate than core-1 doing the top screen and core-2 doing the bottom screen? (it sometimes went out of sync for 12ms but that's it)).

If I find some time for myself (I barely tested 3D with all of this uni. assignments), I'll install everything and redo my optimizations. Even though *most* of the redundant code has been removed, there's still some room for multithreading and inter-thread communication (my interpretation of interprocess communication), and if I really have a lot of time I might be able to redo the DC-DS (dual core dual screen).

I found that handling graphics assignments on one thread, sound on another and other MMU functions on the third thread caused major asynchronization and total chaos, and when joining threads with mutexes/semaphores it was too slow waiting for them to join, and letting the threads go on whichever CPU they *like* gets the situation messy on the second core, while the first core is free.

Multi-core/Multi-thread programming is tough, I hope I'll have time to do those things again,

P.S. Sonic&Knux, you spelled my nick wrong tongue

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