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#1 2021-01-09 20:09:06

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Desmume: No Picture (White Screen), but there's sound (MAC)

So, I went to play Pokemon Black, however, when I ran the ROM, I was left on a white screen but the sound was playing. I don't have any cheats on and I've changed graphic settings to multiple things to no avail. And yes, it happens with any ROM I use, not just Pokemon Black. I even deleted Desmume and redownloaded it but still nothing but sound. I theorize this may be due to the new MAC update that happened fairly recently but I'm not sure. Any ideas on this? Thank you.


#2 2021-01-10 02:46:20

Radical Ninja
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Re: Desmume: No Picture (White Screen), but there's sound (MAC)

desmume "big sur"


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