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#1 2020-08-31 05:09:17

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Controller binds navigating outside of the emulation

I almost exclusively play Pokemon games on the emulator, and frequently use the speed up function. But recently my speed toggle controller bind started simply pausing the emulation and selecting the menu drop downs at the top of the window. When this happens menu navigation access via my controller.
I've tried to reset the hotkey to the previous bind i had, but instead of the name of the button, it shows "Ctrl + (insert button name here)", and doesn't work at all.
Another thing to note is that now whenever i try to change any of the controller configs, trying to bind "A" to my A button binds it to my Enter key instead, and trying to bind the bumpers to anything binds it to my Alt or Ctrl keys, etc.

Not sure what to do, or if it's a problem on the emulators end, or on my controller's end.


#2 2020-08-31 10:01:45

Radical Ninja
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Re: Controller binds navigating outside of the emulation

reboot your computer.


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