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#1 2019-10-03 20:50:16

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Yu-Gi-Oh Over the Nexus 2011 doesn't save

Hello, just after I finished Yu-Gi-Oh Over the Nexus 2011 I found out the game doesn't save. I can't play the post-game because of this, does anyone know what could be the problem? I did play the game flawlessly, no problems whatsoever, just the saving thing that's a bit annoying after finishing the whole game.

Edit: To add a bit of information, I tried with the 9.11 and 9.12 nightly build but nothing changed.

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#2 2019-10-04 03:08:47

Radical Ninja
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Re: Yu-Gi-Oh Over the Nexus 2011 doesn't save

stop using cheats. delete all your files and start from scratch. save in the BEGINNING of the game to confirm that it works. debug until it does. don't run desmume from program files, run from a folder on your desktop.


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