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#1 2019-06-07 23:04:37

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Thanks for this awesome piece of software.

I've now been using DeSmume for a couple of months and only wanted to praise all you developers for the hard work. I can't even begin to imagine all the time you have sunked into this. The only complain i have is that i can't give you a donation for making it possible to relive my childhood once again. Cheers to you all and wishing you the best.

Robin from Sweden


#2 2019-06-09 03:42:25

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Re: Thanks for this awesome piece of software.

For some reason, they dont want donations....i asked the same on donating the developers, but i got an uncalled answer...anyways, this emulator is, if not, the best DS emulator i used by far.

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#3 2019-09-23 16:34:45

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Re: Thanks for this awesome piece of software.

I love seeing this emulator get better everyday.

So... How about those trees?


#4 2019-10-23 23:26:13

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Re: Thanks for this awesome piece of software.

I saw this post and wanted to register just to say the same thing.
I'm playing Time Hollow for the second time on my PC and it works perfectly. To all the persons behind DeSmuME ! Thank you from Algeria.

Merci in french smile !


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