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#1 2019-02-23 03:58:51

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GPU Scaling Factor Bug

Hey again, back with another bug I spotted when I was playing with the GPU scaling feature on the emulator. Was playing Castlevania - Dawn of Sorrow and noticed some graphical issues in certain areas of the game, setting the GPU scale between 1-2 doesn't seem to cause the issue, however anything higher will cause the issue to appear (I always set my factor to 4). I am aware this is better used for 3D objects but still. It's much more noticeable than what's seen in the screenshot, however here is a screenshot of what I mean:

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#2 2019-02-23 09:38:18

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Re: GPU Scaling Factor Bug

there's nothing we can do about this. if a game draws a polygon that fills 0.75 of a pixel, expecting it to round up, then when you scale it by 4 it fills 3 pixels. You will just have to deal with it and check again if you ever see us do anything that seems like it's affecting the internal precision of the 3d engine (and try using whichever 3d renderer you arent using right now as it has different precision.


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