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WiFi not emulated and not supported!!
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#1 2018-03-09 19:10:23

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Error message in Pokemon Platinum's underground.

I've been doing research and everyone else having these issues posted from 2009-2014 and practically none were on Desmume.

One solution for someone was to enable Advanced Bus-Level Timing. Not surprisingly at all, it was already checked for me.

I know the whole issue with Emulators and wifi. And apparently Platinum's Underground needs to connect whereas Diamond/Pearl did not.

But I've been able to go underground just fine. For extended periods of time even. I think I spent an hour underground yesterday in Eterna, came back up, later flew to Jubilife, went underground and about 5 minutes later got the infamous "Communication Error" message. Tried a few more times to no avail.

Is this just going to be completely spontaneous or is there an actual fix? My first guess was, maybe I buried too many spheres along with the spheres on me. But that wasn't the issue. I feel like I should be getting the error messages instantly as I go underground, just like everyone else was claiming to have happened, if we shouldn't be able to go underground at all.

EDIT: I'm not confirming this, but I decided to test something by going back down from Eterna. I spent a solid amount of time with no error messages. And I think I recall someone saying that when using the kit right after getting it in Eterna, they had no issues. Whereas using it later in a different area gave them error messages.

Could it be that Eterna City is unique? I'm not sure what this means at all on a technical level, only that when I flew to Jubilife randomly I didn't last more than a few minutes each time I went down there.

EDIT2: Went back down for like half an hour and received an error message. It's simply toying with us now. This confirms it being a fixable error.

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#2 2018-03-11 17:36:15

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Re: Error message in Pokemon Platinum's underground.

This is the incomplete wifi emulation glitching out the game. Wifi is not supported.


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