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#1 2017-12-24 01:11:58

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Avi is blurred when recording

I can't get to find a tutorial or something about how AVI recording works on desmume, so I'm asking on the forum:
Every time I record a video of a game, it looks ugly and totaly blurred. I know the resolution of the DS is kinda low, and emulators tend to blur that to make games look better, but it just makes it uglier here.

this is how the game looks
this is how the video looks
and I've already tried everything with this box that pops up at the beginning of the video (including changing the value of the quality to 0 and 100), with no success at all

useless info imo:
I'm TASing a game (tool assisted speedrun)
My desmume's language is french



#2 2017-12-24 23:44:08

Radical Ninja
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Re: Avi is blurred when recording

That's a 511x766 video. How did it get that way from 512x768? How did it get to be 512x768 in the first place? Delete your ini file and begin again until you find which option youve changed that breaks it. It's possible this is an our-bug and not a user error, but youve definitely changed your options to an unknown configuration.


#3 2017-12-30 10:17:55

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Re: Avi is blurred when recording

is it blurred like that in the emulator?  it might be simply cause your up scaling the picture in photoshop or another program.  unless you set it to nearest neighbor it will be blurry. same with rendering the video in a higher resolution.


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