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#1 2017-10-16 21:17:16

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please look at my problem this time.(performance issues with i5 7300h)

to begin with. i have perfectly capable hardware that is having trouble emulating to the levels it should. this post got closed last time when some guy said i posted out of inexperience so please this time look at it.i have a laptop with i5 7300hq and gtx 1050ti (running at high performance power profile).i can run games in ppsspp at 1440p with 4x texture scaling ,deposterisation and extra shaders and still at full speed. i can run mario kart wii at 1080p full speed but can't run mario kart ds at the same case you attribute it to dx11, i can run pcsx2 at 1080p using opengl with fairly large amount of games at full speed without losing any graphics quality.and i don't experience any performance loss going up to 1080p on pcsx2 on opengl. here i turn the reolution up over 2x native it starts to slow down.even in case it isn't using my dedicated gpu, intel hd 630 which comes with i5 7300 hq should be more than enough.last time i said shaders worsen the already bad performance and the topic got closed because they do decrease performance.please help me run the games at full speed at 1080p equivalent would really be appreciated.i have tried running it with both nvidia and intel gpus and still the same performance.i'll send any logs you guys might need if you just tell me how.thanks your time and energy guys.


#2 2017-10-16 21:43:16

Radical Ninja
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Re: please look at my problem this time.(performance issues with i5 7300h)

Your estimates of what your system should be capable of are incorrect.
There are no "shaders". Where did the menu telling you that you were picking a shader? You were picking a software implemented magnification filter. they kill performance.
Since I've explained this already, but you didn't understand it, I guess you have a hard time reading, so you also didn't understand the bit about the sticky, which meant for you to find this: … oo_slow.21


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