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#1 2017-10-16 20:20:41

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performance issues on i5 7300hq

i can games at default graphics without much problem but if i try to run any game over two times the native resolution,it tends to slow down quite badly,using shaders totally kills the performance. with i5 7300hq my laptop has gtx1050ti which should at least get me to full hd. yes i am usinng high performance profile. i know my hardware is capable of giving good visuals without any compromise so please help me guys.i can give any logs or any other hardware info you might need if you tell me how because i am kinda noob when it comes to emulation. i hope you guys can help me please.


#2 2017-10-16 20:24:32

Radical Ninja
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Re: performance issues on i5 7300hq

in windows the "shaders" are implemented in software. of course they kill performance.
read the speedup tips in the stickied FAQ topic.
Your estimates of what your system should be capable of are incorrect. Since you're a noob, chalk it up to inexperience.


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