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#1 2017-06-24 01:10:34

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[OSX] No Roms Load

App Version: v0.9.11
Operating System: Mac OS X v10.11.6 (15G31)
Model Identifier: Macmini3,1
ROM Name: Front Mission (U).7z
ROM Serial: No ROM loaded.
Emulation Speed: 1.00x
Auto Frame Skip: YES
SLOT-1 Device Type: Uninitialized
SLOT-2 Device Type: Uninitialized
Advanced Bus-Level Timing: YES
Rigorous 3D Rendering Timing: NO
CPU Emulation Engine: Interpreter
External BIOS: NO
External Firmware: NO
3D Renderer - Engine: SoftRasterizer (HighResColor=YES, EdgeMark=YES, Fog=YES, LineHack=YES, FragmentSamplingHack=NO, DepthCompare=0, ThreadCount=Automatic)
3D Renderer - Textures: YES
Audio - Output Engine: OS X Core Audio Sound Interface
Audio - Advanced SPU Logic: YES
Audio - Sound Interpolation Method: Cosine
Audio - Sound Synchronization Method: "N" Sync Method
Cheats: YES (ActiveCheatCount=0)
Support Request: We have downloaded DeSmuME.  We followed the instructions we found online.  We even googled Roms to download.  When we try to open them in finder, DeSmuME is not an option.  When we try to use DeSmuME to Load Rom, we find the files we want, but they the won’t be opened by DeSmuMe.  We are using Mac mini running el capitan.  Thx for the help.


#2 2017-07-01 00:15:44

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Re: [OSX] No Roms Load

On Mac DeSmuME, you cannot load ROMs directly from compressed files, such as .7z files.

To load a ROM on Mac DeSmuME, you will need to load the .nds file that is contained within the .7z file. Use a file decompressor to extract the .7z file. I personally prefer using "The Unarchiver".


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