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#1 Re: Support » Touching two points at once? » 2010-10-26 13:03:32

Well, you got this problem today?
I'm stuck there too today.

Umm.. When you said "rapidly touching the frame forward key", do mean to "hold" the key or rapidly "press" it?


I've got it. Thanks for the info. smile

For you who couldn't understand the instruction above, try to read this, hope it will help.

Here's the explantion:
rapidly touching = rapidly press(press, release, press, then release again, and so on)

pause the game, both switch is ON, then slowly, slide the stylus(hold the click) from the bottom SWITCH(precisely on the SWITCH itself) to the top one(exactly to the SWITCH, not higher nor lower) WHILE RAPIDLY PRESSING THE FORWARD FRAME KEY. then you'll see two white circles, on both the bottom and top switch. this time, try to slide the stylus in the middle of the SCREEN(the one you move your stylus at), if it doesn't work, try it at JUST below the top switch, from right to left WHILE RAPIDLY PRESSING THE FORWARD FRAME KEY. You may see both switches go back to on for a while, but it will quickly turn to left.

Good Luck! smile

#2 Re: Support » Last Window the secret of Cape West Help !! » 2010-10-26 06:52:22

Umm... You've reached chapter 9... That means you've passed chapter 2, right?
Can you help me?? I'm stuck at shutting the fire alarm.

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