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#1 Re: Support II (decommissioned) » What about ouendan? » 2007-06-01 14:09:09

OMG! I've read the blog new.

Then only I've to do is wait, isn't it? tongue

#2 Re: Support II (decommissioned) » What about ouendan? » 2007-05-30 22:55:33

I've tested it as you said and it's not running...
osu! tatakae! ouendan:
It gives me a black screen after I hit START or I touch the screen to start the game.

#3 Support II (decommissioned) » What about ouendan? » 2007-05-30 16:12:50

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That's it. What about the compatibility of DeSmuME with Ouendan!

It's compatible? work's perfectly?...

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