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#1 Support II (decommissioned) » Advance Wars - Dual Strike » 2010-08-17 19:10:12

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In Advance Wars - Dual Strike, I have noticed that the cursor is invisible and can only be seen slightly when hovering over a unit during the battles. This renders the game unplayable if you use the buttons to do stuff. But the stylus controls work perfectly, so I'm not really fussed. And I'm glad I've just updated DeSmuME from 0.9.4 to 0.9.6, the main menu music runs slower (on System and Battle), but parts dont flicker on and off randomly. big_smile

If you activate the Wireless Download Play function, the game crashes when you go back to the Wireless menu... and that happened in 0.9.4 too. =P Even though you shouldn't even go on the Wireless menu, because none of it works.

EDIT: found that 0.9.4 runs Advance Wars - Dual Strike much better. So glad I left 0.9.4 on. Mainly because of these things:

- Unit movement range is FULLY red. You cant tell what enviroment your unit is on. You can only tell where buildings are.
- On all settings, 0.9.4 in-game music runs twice the speed, at twice the quality. (sometimes on 0.9.6 certain parts are quick, while some are slow.)
- Parts of some sprites (like the Black Boat's arm-like cranes) dissappear on 0.9.6, but on 0.9.4 they stay.
- 0.9.4's narrow border setting appears to be 7 pixels wide, and not 5! (umm... yeah, this REALLY matters doesn't it =P)

so... I prefer 0.9.4 for Duel Strike. I use 0.9.6 for everything else though. You just can't beat the shiny coloured buttons...

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