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#1 Re: Support II (decommissioned) » Megaman Zx » 2007-05-24 23:44:30

i also have that problem with loading saves. i can't get saves to load regardless of what type i choose and savestates aren't working either... i am using windows xp(x64) sp2. i don't know if that's related to the problem but i hope someone knows the solution.

i also get a 'unable to read' error. i saw a post about that unable to read problem somewhere but i don't remember seeing a solution or if it was related to the saving thing...

*EDIT*: Oh snap made a mistake here that was the problem with iDeaS kind of a dumb error on my part. the problem i have with dsemume 7.0 is a frame rate of about 2-5... i just assumed that it was not yet optimized for it but people here claim they get comfortable frame rates. can you share with me your settings?

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