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#1 Re: Support » Also Speed Question? » 2007-03-30 02:24:11

shash wrote:

Frame counter is kind of broken on auto-frameskip, set it to 0, and you'll know your real framerate.

Sir Shash, thx for your suggestion. however, i've try sound, 2.Frame Skip=0. But there is still no significant difference in FPS and the real speed feeling.

I wonder DeSmuME depends on the Graphic Card/Chips a lot rather than CPU.

Can u tell me besides changing card, what can i try to tune my PC to speed up it? e.g. DirectX, Registry, .dll or something else? smile

#2 Support » Also Speed Question? » 2007-03-29 10:59:49

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I am using:
-Intel 3Ghz
-512Mb Ram
-Intel 82865G (share 96MB from Main Memory)
-Windows 2000 workstation.

I run SRW W in 4 fps by v5!!!!! Yes, only FOUR & 8fps by v6.

I wanna know what is the critical weak point that make the speed so slow?

I even try to push up the Prority in Task Manager to "Higher". It just use up some more CPU (up to 70%) but just less difference.

btw, I tested v.6 with another old PC
-AMD 1.7
-1Ghz RAM
-ATI 128MB (<-forgot the model)
It is also about 2 ~ 4 fps.

Would you tell me what should I improve the machine?


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