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#1 Re: Support » Trouble with the Kirby Super Star Ultra save » 2021-11-04 09:59:21

Oh sorry, i should have explain a bit further. I have not used the emulator for a while but the method i remember doing is:

Taking .nsd and .sav file from my R4 card. Use this converter ( and convert from R4 .sav to raw .sav. After that open emulator load the .nsd file (all working good), then import the raw converted .sav file, reset emulator, and i should have found myself with the game with the same saves as i left it on my r4 modified DS. But now for some reason it wont work, and in the final step i find myself with the game empty, without a save .

I have tried with other games the same method, depending on the game i eighter get an empty games without saves and in other games it will be like Kirby wich i cant even get to the main slot select screen as i get the messages from my first post in this thread.

#2 Support » Trouble with the Kirby Super Star Ultra save » 2021-11-03 09:05:40

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I have been using this emulator for a while with my old ds games for a while without problem.
But, today i tried to load Kirby Super Star Ultra with my sav file as i always do and i get a message sating <<Save data size cannot be reliably determined from the file you are importing. So, i searched what to do and found that i should make the SAV file into a DSV file, so i did and loaded the game, but i get a message ingame saying <<Formatting game data plis dont close the game or push power>> and right after that <<Save data could not be read. Power off the nintendo and try inserting again the ds card>> (The ingame text is not exactly like that y translated it)

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