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#1 Re: Support » DeSmeME Cheats Database » 2019-07-03 11:14:19

Wonderful, thank you very much. I get a Checksum Not Matching message but everything goes through for the games I've checked so far.

#2 Support » DeSmeME Cheats Database » 2019-07-02 22:58:20

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I've searched through a few threads and haven't seen anyone either have this issue and google searches haven't come up with anything so I guess I'll have to ask and see if anyone can help.

Long and short is the Cheats Database link given by the prompt isn't active anymore. I downloaded DeadSkullzJr's updated database and have it in the appropriate area (PC<DeSmuME<Cheats). However the only file that it will detect, Cheat.dat, prompts me with the window stating the file it detected is "not an R4 cheats database. Wrong File Format!" I'm at a loss for what else I can do, as DeadSkullzJr says the file is R4 compatible (R4 Ultra, R4i Gold EU 3DS, R4i SDHC 3DS RTS, R4i SDHC Dual-Core 20XX, R4i SDHC Gold Pro 20XX, R4i SDHC RTS Lite 20XX, R4i Ultra) and I've tried removing all other files to see if that fixes the issue. Does DeSmuME use an older R4 style and that being the reason the file isn't being detected as a database? Any answers or help on how to get the file to load properly would be appreciated as manually entering cheats in is a hassle and shouldn't be needed when the ability to load a database is supposed to be built into the program.

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