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#1 Support » Using universal pokemon game randomizer on a saved game » 2019-04-20 10:05:02

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I would like to randomize a game already in progress on platinum pokemon.
i'm using universal pokemon game randomizer but
1) if i randomize a copy of the rom, then desmume tells me that the save does not match the rom
2) if i try to randomize the rom, universal pokemon game randomizer doesn't make me overwrite, so in any case I get a new rom

i used "save state as" and "load state from"
what can i do instead of starting a new game?

sorry for my english

#2 Support » Trade in pokemon platinum on the same pc » 2019-04-19 13:19:53

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Is it possible to trade in pokemon platinum on the same pc? For evolve some pokemons?

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