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#1 Re: Support » how to convert saves in the latest version? » 2019-02-05 01:27:24

zeromus wrote:

desmume won't know to import the .sav unless its name matches the name of the .dsv exactly. look at the NameOfTheFile.dsv and delete it; then rename the sav to NameOfTheFile.sav. Now desmume will know how to import it. it should STILL drop out a .dsv, but this time it will contain the .sav it imported

I just did that, same result.

#2 Re: Support » how to convert saves in the latest version? » 2019-02-02 15:09:59

zeromus wrote:

saves aren't in a ds0 format. savestates are in a ds0 format. you cannot turn a .duc (save file) into a savestate (.ds0 file). You must turn a .duc (save file) into a .dsv (save file) or a .sav (raw save file)

Ok, I put the .sav file in the "Battery" folder. The emulator creates a new .dsv formatted save and completely ignores the .sav I just put in.

Edit: The website does not have an option for .dsv conversion, either.

#3 Support » how to convert saves in the latest version? » 2019-02-01 01:51:55

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hello i'm using the latest version and the saves are in a .ds0 format, i tried to download a save file but it came in a .duc file, everywhere i've seen told me to go to this website but it doesn't let me turn the file into a .ds0, can someone help?

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