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#1 Re: Support » Issue with hotkeys. » 2018-08-05 09:53:13

I am not using any gamepad managing software whatsoever. Also, one of the controllers has a switch on it to change it from dinput to xinput (which we tried both while that controller was the first and second controller) and the other controller is, I believe, dinput, but I'm not entirely sure.

#2 Support » Issue with hotkeys. » 2018-07-11 07:01:54

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I am using DeSmume to play Pokémon games for the most part. One of the popular ways to play is referred to as a nuzlocke. Nuzlockes come in different rule sets for different experiences and one of my favourites is the Soul Link. It is a multiplayer nuzlocke experience (to explain it briefly). I have attempted a couple times on different computers to play this mode and experienced one minor issue. When trying to run 2 emulator windows at once, although main controls work fine, whenever I try to map anything in the hotkey config menu for one controller the key bind shows up as “Alt+(whatever button I press)”. It’s not a huge deal but playing through Pokémon with a hard to use speed up button (mapped to keyboard) is a bit tedious if you’ve played a lot of Pokémon before. There’s no rush on solving this issue.

Extra info: I am using 2 wired controllers connected to the same computer both being bound to one of two emulator windows.
This issue has happened with both controllers so it can’t be a problem with one of the individual controllers (being completely separate models/manufacturers).
All buttons on one of the controllers always maps to Alt+(button) on both emulator windows.
This has only ever happened in the hotkey config window, not the main controls window.

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