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#1 Re: Technical » Desmume 0.9.12 with working WiFi » 2018-08-10 17:16:53


Oh... You have answered at my question on RetroArch support : that's why RetroArch doesn't detect that at all before the modifications.
You added these lines in main.cpp for "Full" Windows Support (without RetroArch or another launcher).

Me, I added these lines in wifi.cpp and I can use the Ad-Hoc mode on RetroArch now on Windows (retroarch support doesn't use main.cpp) .

About the issue that Ad-hoc mode only allows DeSmuME to detect other players, but disconnects them after that, MelonDS has the solution for it in these files ( according to me ) :
- Wifi.cpp : … c/Wifi.cpp

- Wifi.h : … src/Wifi.h

See the registers of MelonDS ( Desmume doesn't have these registers ) :   
==> W_TXSlotReply1 = 0x094,
==> W_TXSlotReply2 = 0x098,
==> W_CmdTotalTime = 0x0C0,
==> W_CmdReplyTime = 0x0C4,
==> W_TXHeaderCnt = 0x194,

On Desmume, we have that in "wifi.h" :
// 094 - ?
// 098 - ?
// 0C0 - ?
// 0C4 - ?
// 194 - ?

For the moment, I use these names for Desmume for instance in wifi.h

#define        REG_WIFI_TXBUFREPLY1            0x094
#define        REG_WIFI_TXBUFREPLY2            0x098
#define        REG_WIFI_CMDTOTALTIME            0x0C0
#define        REG_WIFI_CMDREPLYTIME            0x0C4
#define        REG_WIFI_TXHEADERCOUNT        0x194

- Platform.cpp : … atform.cpp

MelonDS has the solution , but doesn't have a good accurancy/performance for the moment to launch the games ( i talk about compatibility for solo gameplays / 3D textures / ... ). DeSmume has the performance for that.
If someone has an idea according to these datas ( or even if StapleButter can share/help with that), we can do a new step for the Ad-Hoc support.

#2 Re: Technical » Desmume 0.9.12 with working WiFi » 2018-08-10 15:36:37

Hi, so I look about Adhoc code and why it doesn't send or receive packets. And I found the solution for Windows :

1°) Add the lines on Adhoc_Init() after the line "int res;"

#ifdef __WIN32__
    WSADATA wsadata;
    if (WSAStartup(MAKEWORD(2, 2), &wsadata) != 0)
        return false;

2°) Add the lines on Adhoc_DeInit() after the line "closesocket(wifi_socket);"

#ifdef __WIN32__

We have the same issue as before ( Detection of the player but after disconnection ( NSMB issue ) ).
Any news about that ?

#3 Re: Technical » Desmume 0.9.12 with working WiFi » 2018-08-08 09:45:46


@zeromus, we can said that : they forked to much desmume versions ... :
- Retroarch desmume2014 :
- Retroarch desmume2015 :
- Retroarch desmume :

So I used the code of "Retroarch desmume" ( only the libretro part ) : I modified / adapted it on your last desmume code and it worked. The only difficult part was the compilation for Windows because we must add the include files for WinPCAP. Few modifications are applied on the "desmume code" part to add RetroArch support.

I will test it now on the last master branch this week and I will inform you of that. It will be useful that you get too the RetroArch support in case of, like PPSSPP project ( RetroArch forked it and create the support, PPSSPP's creator added it too on his project )

Jackobo The Chocobo

EDIT : 08 August 2018 - 12:16 : They don't wait for you to use your code for RetroArch = … 6d9f8319d5 . So I understand your choice about that. But what is the goal for them to have old versions of desmume ?

#4 Re: Technical » Desmume 0.9.12 with working WiFi » 2018-08-08 00:04:40


@AsPoke3172, I don't have problem with that for Desmume-Reloaded if you want to share that ^^ (I had repaired the Wifi code originally for Desmume-Reloaded , one of my projects, according to 0.9.4 Wifi code of StapleButter and adapted it to 0.9.12 code)

Still some works is needed to improve Wifi. If we can combine the work with MelonDS / StapleButter's project (about the local Wifi multiplayer), I'm sure we can have the best emulator : a future project that can be named for instance MelonDeSmume, a combination of all the works on one emulator ^^ . A dream for all users.

It will be sad that we will go on the same destiny of redream and other Dreamcast emulators for instance ( no Reicast OIT don't work, really... ).

If zeromus and other people of Desmume want a patch / files to add RetroArch support on it, i can send them the files and test it on the last master code ( I have Xubuntu 18.04 - 64-bit as Linux environnement and Windows 10). I can prepare that for you this week (yeah, there are only fools who do not change their minds in the end ).

Jackobo The Chocobo

#5 Re: Technical » Desmume 0.9.12 with working WiFi » 2018-08-07 10:27:47

Hi all,

@Wiferni, Here is a link of the DWC project that lists a compatibility list : … patibility
I suggest you to do some tests with that. Don't hesitate to share your results ( your game needs to be patched with WfcPatcher to connect to the/your DWC server ( / ) ).

Desmume uses the same Wifi code that I repair on Desmume-Reloaded. So you will get the same results.

For the moment I look after local multiplayer and Wifi DWC code.

Jackobo The Chocobo

#7 Re: Technical » Desmume 0.9.12 with working WiFi » 2018-08-07 01:05:00


@Wiferni, It's because the tests of WiFi with DWC are done with real hardware and not Emu to Emu. They don't appreciate that people use emulators.
Yeah more work can be done here indeed, like local multiplayer mode that MelonDS uses, issues with timing games.
But the Wifi support with DWC on Desmume works for some games.

@retr0s4ge, thanks for the credit and happy to see that you have applied successfully my Wifi Code modifications on Desmume. I tested it and it works without issue.
Desmume-Reloaded will still exist : Github pages doesn't exist now because Microsoft owns now GitHub. I moved all to Gitlab ( I have a life too like all people ) :

DeSmuME-Reloaded (DS emulator with Wifi support on DWC and RetroArch Support) :

You can report here too all bugs/issues with the project.

Jackobo The Chocobo

#8 Re: Support » DeSmuME-Reloaded : DS emulator with WiFi support » 2017-12-26 07:24:18

Hi everybody,

Local Wifi could be used in the last version of DeSmuME. The issue is we get deconection when we try to connect to a room :

- Information n°1 : in wifi.cpp, the line " if (select(1, &fd, 0, 0, &tv)) " is incorrect. Here is the good arguments to detect the other emulator.

if (select(wifi_socket+1, &fd, 0, 0, &tv))

- Information n°2 : To force the use on Ad-hoc on Linux systems, in the aim to test the Wifi Local,

in wifi.cpp, in Wifi_Reset() function, comment the folowing line : if((u32)CommonSettings.wifi.mode >= ARRAY_SIZE(wifiComs)) . You must get that in the final :

//if((u32)CommonSettings.wifi.mode >= ARRAY_SIZE(wifiComs))

It will force the use of Ad-hoc mode to always getting CommonSettings.wifi.mode to 0 when calling the Wifi_Reset() function.

- Information n°3 :

I got the following values of frameCtl in WIFI_DoAutoReply() funtion  :
=> 0x0228 ==> Send a MP Reply if it was destined to us and the packet is a multiplayer command
=> 0x0080 ==> ???
=> 0x00B0 ==> ???
=> 0x0000 ==> ???
=> 0x0118 ==> Send ACK Packet
=> 0x00C0 ==> ???

Did you know for the others values what are the type of packets we must send ?

- Information n°4 : For people that want to understand the packet, here is a link that my twin brother found on the Web :

I think it's time to get now this Ad-Hoc mode working.

Jackobo The Chocobo

#9 Re: Support » DeSmuME-Reloaded : DS emulator with WiFi support » 2017-12-16 13:17:05

Hi Squall Leonhart ,  ( Same thing for zeromus, saying hello at the beginning of the message is so complicated for you already? ) and hi everybody ( there is a special announcement for you \o/ )

I'm not denopqrihg, but I am claiming to be before Jaime.Gemelo, who have developped officially the FIRST WORKING Linux support of VBALink multiplayer code on a 1.7.2 version of VisualBoyAdvance. Don't remember that ?
- … ux.134121/
- … le.134256/ ( topic on the support of General Purpose Mode )

See the date of this posts :  Apr 12, 2010 and  Apr 16, 2010 . I don't see 2014 in the date of these posts.
Don't remember in the last link this post where you said that : " and Linux isn't a capable or general purpose system. also, its ****. " . I remember that , me.

Your VBA-M project has a very bad and slow Linux version, and the multiplayer mode doesn't work at all (it wasn't necessary to provide you the code : before, you had tried with the method "copy/paste" , but only a part of the code ... ). Applied my multiplayer code on VBA-M will be easily to do, since I already applied it in the libretro-vbam (my project Vbam-libretro-pack ) with many modifications ( your multiplayer code again is so buggy, so much pain for Linux users ... ). Time to realise a new GBA fork to prove you that Windows and Linux users can use the same program (it will update the GBA core on my future project ).

For information, VisualBoyAdvance Link uses a Java GUI but to configure easily the VisualBoyAdvance.cfg . After that and after selecting a game, the Java GUI launch the SDL version of my emulator. So NO, VisualBoyAdvance Link is NOT based on Java. You can launch only the SDL version if you want to configure VIsualBoyAdvance.cfg with a text editor. You haven't tested the project but you can confirm such things without using the product. What a bad developper and tester you are my boy..... You haven't changed since the posts on NGEmu forums.

For other people , here is a special annoucement. After 16 hours of many tests and modifications of the Windows version of DeSmuME ( Oh my god the mess it was in the original code.... What a pain... ) , I have successfully included the WiFi support for connecting to DWC server projects on Windows. Method to use it is the same than older versions of Desmume ( see on the web tutorials for Wifi on 0.9.7 and 0.9.9 versions ).

The updates of the code will be available today, the time to add them correctly on my Github project. I will write a wiki for using the emulator correctly.

EDIT ( 16-Dec-2017 = 14:37 ) : Code updated on my Github project \o/ :


#10 Re: Support » DeSmuME-Reloaded : DS emulator with WiFi support » 2017-12-15 14:37:47

Hi zeromus, ( Saying hello at the beginning of the message is so complicated for you already? )

Several things to say:
- while the code in question, you have it in your possession since the release 0.9.7, that is since 01-Feb-2011 (more than 6 years ago),
- while StapleButter mainly and other people had helped to provide you with a patch,
- while Squall Leonhart is insulting the community for the demand for WiFi,
- while you have ransacked the WiFi support code to prevent its activation ( … g_ds_wifi/,,
- while you prioritize Windows support,

With all this, you hope to arrive on your white horse so that I give you the patch for a job I did on my side barely in 1 week after research on many forums. I did not think you would have the nerve to ask for it like that.

Your request is CLEARLY REFUSED. I strongly doubt that my code will be analyzed anyway. But if someone other than you, members of the DeSmuME team, have asked me, I will have accepted. But not from raptors like you.

DeSmuME-Reloaded will exist and will remain so, as for VisualBoyAdvance Link and Vbam-Libretro-Pack, which are functional forks of the VBA-M and VBALink suite. I'm still not going to let you have the merit of finding a solution to include support.

And if the code is as well applied as Squall Leonhart had done using my VisualBoyAdvance Link project code for multiplayer support, it's not a good solution to give you that kind of knowledge, especially for use that you will make and that you had already done at the time.


#11 Support » DeSmuME-Reloaded : DS emulator with WiFi support » 2017-12-13 23:35:35

Replies: 10

Hi everybody,

After wars and problems between members of DeSmume and other people like StapleButter, I see you guys that you have done all things to destroy Wifi support on DeSmuME.
But thanks to informations on the Web, I have finally added the Wifi Support on DesMume.

I have the pleasure, people of this forum, to present you DeSmuME-Reloaded, a fork of DeSmuME that add the Wifi support for connection on AltWC/DWC server project ( Wiki : … lator/wiki - Source : )
My Github project is available here :
The version used of the original DeSmuME is the last version (0.9.12 - Latest commit on this version : 2 days ago ), so it was easily possible to add the support ;3 , unlike some members of the DeSmuME team could say about it.

Tested on Lubuntu 16.04, 64 bits version.

Have a nice day ^w^ \o/


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