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#1 Re: Technical » Desmume loading a Saved game from before but not last save » 2017-09-11 21:08:34

I save in the game, I rarely use save states because they're not secure. I have never had a problem with saving and loading in the game like you would do on a regular DS.
I saved on a save state last night, and saved in the game, the in game saves go to the file that says battery.
This morning I loaded the save state and tried to load the in game save and it sent me to the 8th of spring.

Anyway just played it over.

Also, if you want to help people I suggest learning how to word things better...other wise you can come off as rude to someone who is baffled and doing their best to explain what is happening smile

#2 Technical » Desmume loading a Saved game from before but not last save » 2017-09-11 13:49:48

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So I'm playing harvest moon ds cute. I saved my game in the in game save last night, I think I was on spring 21 year 4 or something like that, so I loaded it up this morning and it's loading from the 9th of spring...
I tried loading from batery but the file that's there doesn't do anything.

Please help!

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