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#1 Re: Compatibility » Final Fantasy 4 DS on Retropie? » 2017-05-09 22:48:07

For those who may have the same question, I was unable to figure out how to alter desmume settings on the retropie, and the shortcut keys weren't working. The game was completely unplayable with the default settings.

However, I installed DraStic, another emulator and it works nearly flawlessly with default settings - at least for Final Fantasy IV. I can't offer an opinion on other DS titles. I'll try desmume out more later when I learn more about the system.

#2 Compatibility » Final Fantasy 4 DS on Retropie? » 2017-05-08 23:37:26

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Anyone here tried running the DS version of Final Fantasy IV on a Retropie? (Pi 3)

I know the system requirements on a Pi3 are below that for desmume, but I saw a Youtube video of someone allegedly playing it on the Retropie and it looked just fine.

So, anyone have any experience with this? Any specific settings that would help get it running smoothly? I've checked it out, but I can't find any kind of information that specifically assists with setting up desmume on a Retropie. I've got it installed, but as for configuring it, the only place I see desmume settings is in the all/retroarch-core-options.cfg file, but I can't alter it and I've no idea how to resolve the problem.

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