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#1 Re: Compatibility » pokemon saving problem » 2014-08-22 19:36:44

i finally figured out my problem when playing i beat the elite four and i didnt know that there where alot of problems after the elite four so i continued the game normaly then the first black screen/freeze happned like i said ^ i got it fixed also like a said it wasnt working again because the first time i was using the black screen fix cheat before i changed the render but when i changed the render's my game started glitching more so i figured out what to do
1.use OpenGL 3.2 istead of softrastderizer
2.dont use screen fix codes OpenGL 3.2 fixes all that
3.before beating the elite four/champ save state reset the game make sure YOUR save game is there go back to the save state and continue
4.if you are going to use cheats like walk through walls or any other cheats save state or save in-game use the cheat if the cheat works take off the cheat as soon as your done with it you dont have to delet it just turn it off thats what the checkmark's for

#2 Re: Compatibility » pokemon saving problem » 2014-08-22 19:15:10

i got it to work again by using other render's but now when i open a save the screens still white and when i open a save state the music starts but i cant move my character also how do you get older versions of desmume

#4 Compatibility » pokemon saving problem » 2014-08-21 00:26:59

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i was about to save in-game then it frooze and i cant reboot the emulator because it just gives me a white screen and wont start plz help.I have a sreenshot but dont know how to post it hmm

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