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We won't make a 3DS/2DS emulator.

#1 Re: General » Filters and resolution » 2014-05-24 19:22:58

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#3 Re: Technical » Discussion about migration from SVN to Git ? » 2014-04-28 20:02:42

zeromus wrote:

No, only if this penguin can _actually_ help in faster development of project without compromising quality.

Quality is dependant on developers/contributors and choices made by the ones who control this project.Penguin doesnt compromise quality its just a tool but far superior tool than SVN, better and easier to use tools can improve quality.

#4 Re: Technical » Discussion about migration from SVN to Git ? » 2014-04-28 19:51:44

zeromus wrote:

So what? A penguin has feathers and a beak and they're cool. Should I get a penguin?

Yes if this penguin can  potentially help in faster development of project.

#5 Re: Technical » Discussion about migration from SVN to Git ? » 2014-04-28 19:39:46

zeromus wrote:

Patches are the same as merge requests.

Your opinion about what is beneficial to DS emulation in general is already known, but there are dimensions you don't know much about, such as managing the direction and cleanliness of the codebase so as to optimize the number and types of contributions you can get in the future and control which parts of the emulator get pinned down and unable to change as other parts need to get changed.  Everything I do is related to that, and without a full understanding of it, everything I do may seem totally irrational to you.

But Git doesnt stop you from doing what you are doing now and SVN merge and Git merge are not the same. A SVN merge applies diffs to files. A Git merge combines graphs of commits into a graph that has the commits from both graphs, SVN history is linear while Git is nonlinear.

#6 Re: Technical » Discussion about migration from SVN to Git ? » 2014-04-28 19:15:30

zeromus wrote:

Before there were forks and merge requests, there were patches. Thanks for saying I don't need to merge every one. I think I won't.

Patches are not the same as merge requests. You dont need to merge everyone but you should merge all good ones.By good ones I mean ones which are objectively beneficial to end-users and DS emulation in general because not doing so can lead to stagnation of DS emulation.I dont doubt in your skills but few guys can do so much. While Git allow large number of people to contribute.

#7 Re: Technical » Discussion about migration from SVN to Git ? » 2014-04-28 19:07:06

alvinhochun wrote:
ff11 wrote:

If you want git, then you can use the alvinhochun git:
He is merging all the things with the official SVN, while develop the qt frontend.
And at least for me, the qt frontend have more potential of all (eg: is easy to make multi-platform shader on qt)
You can contribute too smile

That's just my experimental git-svn repo, or temporary, or whatever you call it. I had been working locally with git since its branching style suits me more, and I tend to keep merged git branches and their commit logs somewhere. Pushing things to somewhere is just a simple way to make a backup of my local repo. And also for moving between Windows and Linux.
But well, merging between git and svn is quite clumsy.

I don't see how git can really improve much. For me, easy local branching and merging are nice features and that's one of the reasons why I use git locally, but that's not a big thing and I can do that locally anyway. But for others? Well, putting DeSmuME on github may get more people to fork it, but a lot of forks doesn't mean useful contribution. There can be all sorts of crap forks because forking is cheap. Devs may make dirty and ugly pull requests because committing is simple.  People may bombard DeSmuME devs to merge those dirty and ugly hacks because they don't understand. Pessimistically, it simply increases workload but brings few benefits.

That's said, I am more used to working with git than with svn and I like a lot of features of git.

In my opinion biggest advantage of Git is that it has different culture and workflow than SVN when used correctly because it can allow large number of people without write access to contribute easily while SVN is only good for private projects with few developers its not suitable for emulation projects. I think its beneficial for project development when many people make forks and merge-requests but you dont need to merge every one of them if some of them are detrimental or buggy and Github for example has Travis CI.

#8 Re: Technical » Discussion about migration from SVN to Git ? » 2014-04-28 18:37:38

ff11 wrote:

Then is it, Monochrome100! You can't say that DeSmuME have a team of devs (they don't work together), but is more like independents devs that contribute. Without a team, it don't need a leader. And you can make like the alvinhochun, just make some private git. You can export the patch online and submit the file on sourceforge.

I never said before that it has team or not and you are one who started talking about leader but if someone is leader than its Zeromus because he seems to have control of repository and this project in general.
Also  you can say it has ''team'' because there is few developers with write access to repository so they are not completely separate and are listed as developers.
And even alvinhochun said that merging between SVN and Git is clumsy.

#9 Re: Technical » Discussion about migration from SVN to Git ? » 2014-04-27 22:34:28

zeromus wrote:

You could save yourself time by posting a url to a list of git advantages for us not to read.

You don't know why one project progresses and another doesn't. But be my guest, type more wrong stuff about why one project progress and another doesn't. I won't stop you.

I already did: architecture of emulated console(I am talking about emulation projects), number of developers/contributors, how skilled they are ,motivation, teamwork, if they are willing to think outside the box , if they are willing to merge external contributions and cooperate with external developers, what revision control system they are using(very important), funds but you can set up advertisments on official site even if its free software and probably in what language this project is coded.

#10 Re: Technical » Discussion about migration from SVN to Git ? » 2014-04-27 22:06:11

zeromus wrote:

you don't know why one project progresses and another doesn't.

Well there are few different  factors like for example:architecture of emulated console, number of developers/contributors, how skilled they are ,motivation, teamwork, if they are willing to think outside the box , if they are willing to merge external contributions.
But you really should switch to Git and also create official Git mirror on  Github because Desmume will never reach its full potentiall otherwise.You said yourself that Windows version of Desmume cant get shader support currently like OSX version because it has outdated GUI which cant support shaders.If Desmume was Git based and had more contributors like PPSSPP updating GUI wouldnt be much of a problem same thing with increasing internal resolution maybe someone would figure it out before author of Desmume X432R and would be able to make merge request.

Git allow for easy forking of repositories so others can easily create their own forks/branches make modifications and potentially merge them, branches can be created and destroyed at will, including remote branches,clones of the repository have the full history, including all branches,ability to rewrite history/commits before they land in trunk (rebase),push rights not needed to contribute. Repository can be distributed as Git bundles or tarballs ,small repository size, wide support in IDEs ,repositories can be hosted via HTTP, HTTPS SSH, rsync, and the native git protocol , advanced hook support hooks can be in any language.

#12 Re: Technical » Discussion about migration from SVN to Git ? » 2014-04-27 19:32:36

ff11 wrote:

Sure, the git have more useful tools online (like github). But it's not mean git will bring more devs. Let's take a sample:
The PCSX2 migrate for github, and we have initial desire to contribute. The Kingcom make 2 Pull Requests, one of these you (Monochrome100, or at least the same user name) and the Tyestor make comments for motivate this action. BUT, have been 12 days now (and will be more), that nobody (I said nobody) make something to merge this commit. And it's not hardcore commits, just simple ones. Because of this, we don't desire to contribute anymore. What is missing to it be like the PPSSPP github? Simple, the PPSSPP github have a good leader, the Henrik Rydgård (hrydgard). And you can be sure, is the hrydgard that make the difference with this good tool, not the github itself.

Maybe PCSX2 devs are not experienced yet with merging requests ?  Besides its separate issue it doesnt mean Zeromus cant merge requests for Desmume but I agree Hrydgard is good project leader and PPSSPP made rapid progres compared to most other emulators.

#14 Re: Technical » Discussion about migration from SVN to Git ? » 2014-04-15 12:17:29

Desmume needs more  developers/contributors few guys can do so much.In my opinion best option would be switching to Git on Sourceforge and also setting official  Git mirror on Github. Not to mention merging something like Desmume X432R would be trivial in Git.

#15 Re: General » Filters and resolution » 2014-04-15 10:09:53

Difference is huge in 3D games like Solatorobo, Tales of Innocence and Metroid Prime:Hunters compare blurry mess and HD:  cool
Check out this demonstration:  smile

#16 Re: Technical » Discussion about migration from SVN to Git ? » 2014-04-14 15:53:27

zeromus wrote:

yes, we considered switching from svn to git

Then why did you not ? And are you still considering it in the near future ? Its not too late.

#17 Technical » Discussion about migration from SVN to Git ? » 2014-04-14 08:31:51

Replies: 29

Hi I have question for Desmume developers. Have  you ever considered switching from SVN to Git ? In my opinion SVN is dead-end and waste of time while Git allows for easy forking of repositories and  merging of Merge/Pull-Requests instead of patches. Historically speaking Git based emulators had far faster development than SVN based ones just look at PPSSPP and all major emulators already switched to Git including PCSX2 recently. And compared to SVN  large number of people can contribute easily.

#18 Re: General » Filters and resolution » 2014-04-12 16:37:36

Apache Thunder wrote:

Well yeah that would be great, but most of us don't have two monitors as reselutions that high would mean we'd need a second one to use the bottom screen. Hell we already need two monitors for anything over 3x. tongue

Full HD is nothing special nowadays and many people  have monitors with far higher resolutions like 4k.Even if you have sub-HD monitor you can choose lower resolution and separate Desmume screens anyway so there is  no reason to not implement higher resolution.

#19 Re: General » Filters and resolution » 2014-04-12 05:19:38

Apache Thunder wrote:

I would definitely like to see this make it's way to DeSmuME at some point. Someone made a GIF that really shows the improvement: … c11f8b.png

Yes but it also needs at least Full HD or higher like 4K, 1024x768 looks far superior to native but is still not enough.

#20 Re: General » Filters and resolution » 2014-04-11 13:53:25

Rizzo wrote:
Monochrome100 wrote:
Rizzo wrote:

Oh woooow. That upscaling looks pretty good. It doesn't seem to mix well with opengl but works great with the soft. (Doesn't work at all with Tales of Innocence) but oh well. I see why Zero doesn't want to add it yet. It needs a lot of testing and in need of some streamlining.

Its not upscaling its increasing internal resolution.

Yeah that's what I meant. My bad.
But yeah as I was saying, it's way too slow and buggy to be usable. i've been going through my folder of games and everyone of them seem to go nuts with opengl with AA on. Without AA on, it seems usable, but with it on, the textures scatter everywhere and it's unplayable. I managed to get it working with TOI by disabling AA, but screen flickering occurs. (though what I see under the flickering does look good.

Welp, at least its a step in the right direction. *Goes back to messing around.

Author of Desmume X432R  has nothing to do with antialiasing. Bugs with antialiasing report to Zeromus. But combination of higher resolution and Antialiasing can probably create new bugs .

#21 Re: General » Filters and resolution » 2014-04-11 12:14:46

Rizzo wrote:

Oh woooow. That upscaling looks pretty good. It doesn't seem to mix well with opengl but works great with the soft. (Doesn't work at all with Tales of Innocence) but oh well. I see why Zero doesn't want to add it yet. It needs a lot of testing and in need of some streamlining.

Its not upscaling its increasing internal resolution.

#22 Re: General » Is There a DS Wireless Communications Working on DeSmuME » 2014-04-11 11:52:56

Miguel Ruiz Cabal wrote:

Can anyone Tell me If there a DS Wireless Communications Working on DeSmuME

Unfortunately its not working  read big red letters.

#23 Re: General » Filters and resolution » 2014-04-10 04:24:19

zeromus wrote:

Do you think you're the 1st person to think of this, or the 100th?

I mean, until both.

I personally hope he or you Zeromus will implement multi-pass shader based filters from Retroarch which OSX/Cocoa version of Desmume already has into Windows version later but its separate feature.   Increasing resolution already  works good so there is no reason to wait for author of Desmume X432R to stop especially that its based on old SVN r5024.
Higher internal resolution+Antialiasing+Multi-pass shaders would look wonderful and better than 3DS games.
Especially Deposterize in combination with other shaders which OSX version already has and Windows version should have, would be very useful at higher resolutions.
Here is Deposterize:

#24 Re: General » Filters and resolution » 2014-04-10 04:05:41

zeromus wrote:

this fork won't be considered for merging until its development stops. otherwise it's a huge waste of our work to continually reintegrate. someone may make a branch on the svn

I think I found contact info with author : … 26num%3D30 … 26num%3D30

By development stopping you mean until  upresing feature will be mature or until author will stop creating new builds ?.

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