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We won't make a 3DS/2DS emulator.

#1 Re: Support » In game saves » 2014-11-03 03:24:40

Wait what, is the DeSmuME package in Ubuntu updated? Lemme check...
... still 0.9.10 (

... good luck with that.

#2 Re: Support » pokemon black 2 - Missing text. » 2014-10-20 10:21:10

What version are you using? What do you think we can do to help without knowing this?

#3 Re: Support » Transfer save data from DS to Desmume? » 2014-10-20 10:19:07

itsme wrote:

Is it possible without flash cards or any extra hardware?


#4 Re: Technical » The beginning of a Qt frontend.. or is it? » 2014-09-27 15:03:10

MrTheSoulz wrote:

I'm still waiting for this :C
i wish i knew more about qt so i could help out but i dont so i will motivate you i guess...


There that should motivate you big_smile

Now seriusly please move this faster, the gtk port sucks...
I cant use the filters or even change the control keys to play with a keyboard...

The GT already works much better on this regard, now if you/someone cleaned the compiler warnings and made it run faster it would be awesome!

GET TO WORK! big_smile

PS: btw i registered just to tell you to not give up on this critical thing,
i had to fail 9999999 times on the damn Human or bot questions that i knew the answer but it only accepted it on caps...


Fellow humans, even robots have a life. What do you expect?

Ok, seriously, this is an open-source project. We devote our own free time to work on it. Although I would like to work on the Qt frontend more often, the reality does not allow me to free up more time for a lot of things. Important things always go first, and this is not the most important thing in my life. This is how life works.

For your real problem, you can use filters in the gtk+ frontend. Make sure you are compiling from a recent version of the source code (note, use versions before r5043 since that one introduces some graphical bugs to some games).

#6 Re: Compatibility » Pokemon Heart Gold Black Screen after Hall of Fame » 2014-08-26 05:25:52

Can you also upload a save at the point for us to test?

I am thinking it could be the commit r5043 breaking something, since that commit changes gpu code.

Or you can try r5042 and r5043 to see if the problem starts on r5043.

#7 Re: Support » Ubuntu - Set window size on launch » 2014-08-25 03:12:27

Compile the SVN version yourself. There is already configuration saving there.

#8 Re: Compatibility » pokemon heartgold (yeah i know but hear me out) » 2014-08-25 03:11:14

You need to press a key combination when starting a new game in order to overwrite the save. Look it up.

#9 Re: Compatibility » Pokemon Heart Gold Black Screen after Hall of Fame » 2014-08-25 03:10:08

Can you try again with an older SVN version, like r5040?

#10 Re: General » Linux: Anyway to set the background to black when in fullscreen? » 2014-08-23 03:27:48

Em, it's actually the default window colour since it is not explicitly set (could possibly be "buttonface"), which, depends on the theme, it may be any colour.

It's true, maybe it should be set to black, or there should be a DS frame drawn. Who knows what the users want.

#12 Re: Support » If you have a specific character, you can not open the file. » 2014-08-18 03:44:08

This is what you can expect from non-Unicode programs. Just use ASCII filenames and everyone will be happy.

#13 Re: Support » [linux] No microphone support, physical or simulated » 2014-08-10 06:53:31

Hm, try to use OpenAL instead. Not that I know whether this will fix the problem, but IIRC the default implementation (IIRC its ALSA) tries to open the mic with a rarely-supported format and does not support resampling in DeSmuME, so it fails to initialize the mic.

I haven't inspected it much before, so I can't tell exactly if mic emulation by a sound file is support in the GTK+ frontend. Though if you know programming, you might be able to fix that yourself.

No I am too busy to touch DeSmuME these months. Maybe you can wait a year for me to fix that for you but meh.

#14 Re: Support » [openemu]+[OSX]: screen rotation » 2014-08-07 07:55:10

Have you simply tried the DeSmuME official Mac frontend instead?

#16 Re: Compatibility » dsv different » 2014-08-06 02:40:38

IIRC DraStic's .dsv saves are simply normal .sav, i.e. raw save data without any header and footer.

#18 Re: Support » [OSX] Path Settings on Mac » 2014-08-04 03:05:53

The Windows frontend is different from the Mac frontend.
I am not surprised if the Mac frontend doesn't have path settings.

#19 Re: Support » DeSmuMe linux: OSMesaCreateContext failed » 2014-07-23 06:59:56

axfelix wrote:

Nevermind, problem solved by compiling myself smile

I think the Debian package that's pulled upstream into Ubuntu is perhaps compiled a bit too conservatively -- I almost never need to compile things on my own for performance reasons but this made a huge difference.

The Debian/Ubuntu package is crap and hasn't been updated for years. The more recent svn version has a new display code, frameskip code and fps limiter for GTK+ written by myself and it runs much better.

When using Linux, always compile yourself if possible.

#20 Re: Support » DeSmuMe linux: OSMesaCreateContext failed » 2014-07-13 03:46:37

Well I've never touched the OpenGL renderer because the software rasterizer is perfect for me and I figured out OpenGL wouldn't help much.

Same for LUA since I have no use with that at the moment. Though the dependency resolution should depend on pkg-config, perhaps it isn't related to DeSmuME's build scripts.

About performance, have you read the WiKi about optimization? The performance will be absolutely terrible without aggressive optimization. See … e_on_Linux and … tion#Linux

To enable jit, run with `desmume --cpu-mode=1`

#22 Re: General » Are DeSmuME Developers will continue to develop Official Release » 2014-07-08 02:55:27

No new "official release" in less than a year's time doesn't mean no development. In fact, forget about official releases, just use the svn builds if you care about the latest version at all.

#23 Re: Support » [linux] Desmume slow with bumblebee/primus » 2014-06-29 04:26:26

Well, DSM doesn't really use any OpenGL 3D operations, by default it uses a software rasterizer which means rendering runs on the CPU and the GPU doesn't matter. It *can* use OpenGL but I wouldn't bother with it.

The thing is, which version are you using and how did you compile it? On my gen 3 i5 I can even get 200fps on MKDS so your result really amuses me.


Refer to the wiki for compiling with optimization: … e_on_Linux … tion#Linux

You should compile from latest SVN and use the GTK+ frontend. It's probably the best.

Also, you'd probably want the CPU governor to be set at performance mode. I am not sure about Intel gen 4, but that's probably the mode which allows Intel Turbo Boost to reach maximum clock frequency. It should be set automatically, though you may want to make sure about that.

#24 Re: Support » Hi, I'm new, and can you use the Xbox One controller with Desmume?? » 2014-06-14 03:20:21

I will not be surprised if MS screwed up their own driver. Check if it actually get detected as a joystick. You should be able to test it in Control Panel.

#25 Re: Support » Desmume Unresponsive, Stuck on Startup » 2014-06-09 13:41:09

My bad, sorry about my previous post. I was in a not-so-good mood and wasn't paying much attention to "other emulators" instead of "some other programs", so I should apologize.

What are the emulators which also stopped working? Are there other emulators which continue to work normally?

I don't use Windows 8, but as you said it worked before, there must be some changes causing this. Maybe it could be a Windows Update or a driver update. Have you enabled automatic Windows Update? Maybe a list of updates around the time it stopped working could help.

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