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#1 Re: Support » Harvest moon save states » 2007-05-01 01:48:53

Oh so it's just some bizarre coincidence that they both have the extension .dst

Oh well.

#2 Support » Harvest moon save states » 2007-04-30 01:37:32

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I tried to load a Harvest Moon DS save state that I downloaded from and the state won't load. I have 0.6 I open the game then I click "Load state as" and click on the save state and the game just contiues on playing the the game without loading anything.... I'm pretty sure the files are compatible as the file extension for the save state I created myself was ".dst" and the save state I tried loading up was also ".dst"

Any help?

#3 Support II (decommissioned) » pokmen gaames pls... » 2007-04-27 01:56:07

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I r teh roxors in teh boxors....... Well on a more serious note I'm basically here to saythat a 17 year old guy (me) plays Pokemon games..... Well Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh! and well damn it I like all the little kid stuff. It's all quite fun. I'm just here to prove the point that not all Pokemon fans have deplorable English aren't all between the ages of 8-15 that that you should at least consider making DeSmeME compatible with Pokemon even if it's only to a certain degree.... it wouldn't have to perfect in any way. Just enough so that people know what's going on in the game..... Well it's really up to you I guess. Go ahead and do what you feel is best.

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