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#2 General » Desmume Download - Nightly link was broken » 2024-07-03 23:53:47

Replies: 2

To Zeromus or others, the Nightly website was broken.... … me-win-x64

... into 404 file not found! Also clicking on Desmume download website...

... Clicking nightly link was got 404 file not found! PLEASE FIX IT! smile

#4 Re: Support » Lego Marvel Super Heroes Universe in Peril - missing graphics » 2023-08-17 01:43:01

rogerman wrote:

AsPoke3172, you'll need to disable Enable NDS-Style Depth Calculation to get the missing graphics to appear.

Ironically, the Enable NDS-Style Depth Calculation option is meant to improve graphics compatibility, but it appears to be having the opposite effect in this game. I'll need to experiment with the code to find out exactly why that is, but the fact that NDS-Style Depth Calculation is involved would indicate that some depth-related issue is going on here.

I already disable "Enable NDS Style Depth Calculation", but still same missing graphics... I think another one "Enable Depth L Equal Polygon Facing" also disable. Result! The bottom screen was appear, with some strange looking graphics!


This time I disable both of them and bottom (touch) screen graphics is now appear. I hope you find the problem very soon! smile

#5 Re: Support » Lego Marvel Super Heroes Universe in Peril - missing graphics » 2023-08-16 13:21:54

zeromus wrote:

did you try TXT hack?

Enable OR Disable TXT hack was NOTHING with this game. sad



#6 Support » Lego Marvel Super Heroes Universe in Peril - missing graphics » 2023-08-16 02:39:24

Replies: 6

Game Name:- Lego Marvel Super Heroes Universe In Peril
Region:- All (USA, Europe etc)
Problem:- Missing some graphics, texts etc on bottom (touch) screen

There are some missing some graphics, texts etc on bottom (touch) screen on Open GL 3.2 and Open GL Old … pen-GL.png OR … pen-GL.png

This one was OK on SoftRasterizer … erizer.png OR … erizer.png

Save games was not needed for this

#7 Re: Support » Broken screens on DeSmuME 0.9.13 (Windows 11) » 2022-10-23 22:37:14

Open CONFIG menu, select DISPLAY METHOD and choose OPEN GL.

#8 Re: Support » Cheats in Pokemon Platinum » 2022-07-27 01:30:00

German version? Here...

Manaphy (Press L+R While Entering Pokemon Mart)

94000130 fcff0000
621bfc90 00000000
b21bfc90 00000000
b0000004 00000000
0000b600 edb88320
2000b62c 00000007
d2000000 00000000

Taken from Codejunkies UK … 17___.aspx

or this one. Press Select while on any pokemarts.

94000130 FFFB0000
62101ECC 00000000
B2101ECC 00000000
00018AC8 00000007
D5000000 00000000
C0000000 0000003F
D6000000 00018ACC
D2000000 00000000

taken from Cheat Database (USRCHEAT.DAT)

If doesn't work, so what is your Game ID?

#9 Re: Support » Cheats in Pokemon Platinum » 2022-07-25 01:40:09

Are you using clean version of Pokemon Europe (Rev 10) or hacked version of Pokemon Platinum (any names)? Here the codes!

Manaphy Egg = Press SELECT before visit any pokemarts and talk to green guy. NOTICE! You must defeat Elite 4 first!

94000130 FFFB0000
62101D2C 00000000
B2101D2C 00000000
000187BC 00000007
D5000000 00000000
C0000000 0000003F
D6000000 000187C0
D2000000 00000000

Get cheat database (USRCHEAT.DAT) from GBATemp website here! … es.488711/

follow the instructions for installing this one.

#10 Re: Support » Questions about "press button" cheats » 2022-05-26 05:22:06

After long times... Testing AR codes with JIT turned on (changed block size into 12), will results... GAME RUNNING FINE! Nooo moore sloooooowww!!!!! big_smile

#11 Re: Support » JIT bugs on some random games! » 2022-05-26 03:48:53

Thanks! Is now showing top screen! smile

#12 Support » JIT bugs on some random games! » 2022-05-25 01:43:39

Replies: 2

First, thanks for fixing JIT bugs for some game (I saw it on github). Anyway, there another games was buggy if JIT enabled!

This games named Tao's Adventure Curse of the Demon Seal, region was USA, Europe and Japan

have buggy on top screen or normal screen if JIT enable. Turn off JIT with showed top screen, no problems!

With JIT - Top screen was blackout, freeze etc


Without JIT - Top screen was OK no problem


Here the save games!

I hope will fixed soon! smile Another games likes Dragon Quest Joker also same problems, top screen was freeze. blackout etc on battle mode with JIT mode on.

#13 Re: General » Help for a Newbie » 2022-04-13 01:18:02

This is not CHEAT FORUM! Go visit GBATemp, GameHacking etc website. Someone will help you.

#15 Re: Support » Downloading the emulator ? » 2022-01-30 00:36:16

Look likes Appveyor seems to have started using stricter quota limits... Same problem on other programs, emulators etc which using Appveyor...

See this one for info! … ssues/1109

Zeromus, is time using nightly downloads to the github mirror or make website just likes or something else.

#17 Re: General » Help » 2021-12-31 14:26:01

Open CONFIG menu, select DISPLAY MENTHOD and choose OPEN GL

#19 Re: Support » Program keeps crashing? » 2021-11-09 23:39:06

2015 - 2021 => is over 6 years

I think will released after covid was gone and everyone was fully vaccined... Maybe anything was 100% mostly stable! smile

#21 Re: Support » Desmume Latest Version » 2021-10-27 10:37:38

Hey @zeromus...

What happen on AppVeyor website?

Not updated when the last GIT was here? … 55703ab41c

Right now, I am using EmuCR build for latest GIT until anyone update the latest build at appveyor website.

#23 Re: General » Cant find any Desmume 9.12 pokémon platinum (fusion) action codes » 2021-09-27 11:29:11

Because the codes was not on USRCHEAT.DAT right now. Deadskullzjr at GBATemp website was still working right now.

#24 Re: General » Cant find any Desmume 9.12 pokémon platinum (fusion) action codes » 2021-09-26 23:27:58

Just drag USRCHEAT.DAT and CHEAT.DAT into CHEATS subfolder (included on DESMUME main folder).
To use that, see zeromus above and tick the codes your want and click OK. Enjoy the games with codes!

#25 Re: General » Cant find any Desmume 9.12 pokémon platinum (fusion) action codes » 2021-09-26 11:15:06

@muketsu, Pokemon Fusion Platinum will included on next version 2.5.0 of USRCHEAT.DAT very soon.  Please be patient! smile

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