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#2 Technical » Can't compile the x64 build » 2010-04-14 10:18:33

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I can't compile the x64 build, Visual Studio (C++ 2008 Express Edition) just skips the build when I try. And yes, I have checked 'build' in the configuration manager.

Hope you can help

#3 Re: General » Converting RAW/Internal codes to Action Replay? » 2010-04-10 14:35:19

I've written a python script that does the conversion, hope it works big_smile

Download Windows:
Script only (SVN): … conversion

feedback would be apreciated^^

€: updated with licence and comments
€2: Now experimental GUI! (when choosing mode, type 1)
€3: Full GUI (it sucks in terms of graphics), Windows 'build' (py2exe)

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