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#1 Re: Support » Hey » 2007-04-22 00:43:46

using 6.0, i assume that since it says it was tested on the 16th that it was tested with the latest one? hmm

also i assume that discription means that is how its supposed to look, without the images at the bottom :S

#2 Re: Support » Hey » 2007-04-22 00:22:05

mmm, ok, well now I know its supposed to work, but I cant seem to make it do so hmm so I gotta ask, is it supposed to be like this, or am I just not doing somethign right :S


#3 Re: Support » Hey » 2007-04-21 23:51:37


lol, ill go stand in the corner for awhile hmm

#4 Support » Hey » 2007-04-21 23:40:57

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Obvious noob here, searched forums but didn't find anything that looked promising, wondering if theres some noob-guide or basic list of working roms somewhere? Or if lacking that maybe I could just mention which rom it is and you guys could tell me? Don't wanna get banned by doin somethin I ain't supposed to, so lemme know?

Oh, and from browsing threads I figure I should mention this up front. It isn't pokemon.

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