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#1 Re: Compatibility » Bowser's Inside Story (Dynamic Recompiler Freeze) [Save Provided] » 2012-08-31 17:54:50

There's two freeze spots I think; this is the earlier one.

Some people claimed that they managed to fix the issue by messing with sound settings.  I couldn't imagine them mattering either, but I checked anyway to make sure, and clearly they do not.

I pretty much just checked in because of the whole "dynamic recompiler seems to mess with Advanced Bus Level Timing" aspect of it. The dynamic recompiler option implies that it's expected to have some fixable bugs, so I figured the save might help you with debugging.

#2 Compatibility » Bowser's Inside Story (Dynamic Recompiler Freeze) [Save Provided] » 2012-08-31 10:24:42

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Up to at least Revision 4393, a boss battle of Bowser's Inside Story (US version) cannot be completed if the dynamic recompiler is enabled.

When the battle begins, and if Advanced Bus Level Timing is disabled, the bottom half of each screen is swapped with each other. It will freeze after Fawful states "He is having a big punch!".

If both Advanced Bus Level Timing and the dynamic recompiler are enabled, the bottom quarter of both screens will be swapped and the freeze occurs.

The battle will proceed normally only if Advanced Bus Level Timing is enabled and the dynamic recompiler is disabled. If this is the case, no graphical glitch will present itself. Thus, it appears that in this case, the dynamic recompiler breaks Advanced Bus Level Timing.

Contrary to earlier reports about this issue, sound settings are irrelevant.

I have provided an SRAM save here; walk rightwards across the stone platform as Bowser to the next screen and get through the conversation in order to trigger the battle.

I hope this is useful.

#3 Re: Compatibility » Nostalgia (Menu Freeze) » 2012-08-30 21:03:28

You're welcome. Thank you for all your work!

#4 Compatibility » Nostalgia (Menu Freeze) » 2012-08-30 11:47:58

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The cursor to select menu options never appears, causing a freeze. You can see this behavior using the Options menu at game start.

This issue was actually fixed with SVN Revision 3698, but it was broken with the changes to Revision 4129 and from my testing has stayed broken since.

I figured that it might be useful for the developers to know which revision caused the issue, since I noticed complaints about it were using significantly later SVN revisions. I hope this is helpful.

#5 Support II (decommissioned) » Error in the Soft Rasterizer for Gyakuten Kenji » 2010-02-17 13:00:51

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Greetings. I hope you all are in good spirits.

I don't see a topic for a standard bug-reporting format here, so I will just jump in.


I am using SVN revision 3379, 64bit, and I noticed a bug with the Soft Rasterizer in the second case of Gyakuten Kenji.

The bug should be obvious from this image:

Notice the peculiar line bisecting the seat's armrest on the top half.

This line disappears if I go to 3D settings and select OpenGL. Hence, I assume it's a bug in the Soft Rasterizer.

The bug remains regardless of Window Size, magnification filters, DirectDraw Software or Hardware mode, and Soft Rasterizer's settings.

I hope this is helpful. Have a good afternoon.

EDIT: Upon closer inspection, while the line appears to be a solid color, it is actually transparent. I'm guessing the layer is somehow being cut apart.

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