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#1 Re: Support II (decommissioned) » Zelda Phantom Hourglass » 2009-12-13 00:39:45 Phantom Hourglass.ds1 Phantom Hourglass.ds2 Phantom Hourglass.dsv

There's my save files if they are still relevant. However, the wav clip zeromus uploaded worked great and is greatly appreciated. (= For whatever reason the noise to blow out the candle seems to be very specific. And strangely enough I had success with a wind sound effect clip for one but wouldn't work for the other. I also converted a couple random songs and let them play through and had no success that way either. Thanks a lot for the clip though. I was about to break down and go buy a mic and its like -35 degrees Celsius here in Edmonton....

#2 Re: Support II (decommissioned) » Zelda Phantom Hourglass » 2009-12-12 23:07:38

zeromus wrote:

use the mic noise hotkey. it may not work in 0.9.4, but i recently made sure that it will be working on those very torches for 0.9.5

Mic hotkey still doesn't seem to blow out torches. Mic test under options at beginning recognizes it but the sound does not extinguish the candles.

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