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#1 Re: Support II (decommissioned) » Zelda Phantom Hourglass » 2009-12-01 02:20:08

i'm also stuck at the candles and dont know wat 2 do. i tryed white noise and internal noise sample, but they didn't work. i also tryed to upload a .wav file but it has tohave some 8 bit thing. evey audio converter i tryed could only do 16 bit. also, i plugged in a mic and it worked on wndows but not on desmume.
any help?

#2 Re: Support II (decommissioned) » Phantom Hour Glass: Please Help! » 2009-12-01 02:08:47

I have the same problem and i'm stuck there now. when i show mic. input, it shows that im doing something, but it doesn't effect the candles. I also keep getting hit by the fire rocks. smile idk why it worked on the lady but not the candles.
also, when i click the "white noise" button i don't hear any static when i press button. any help?

#3 Re: Support » Microphone Emulation:PLEASE HELP! » 2009-12-01 02:03:28

Well,if yo have an 8 bit .wav file you may choose the option to play that sound but if you don't, you can't use it.

#4 Re: Support » Action Replay Help! » 2009-11-30 20:37:08

ok i got the x32 mirror and its all better tytyyty        >--<<((RESOLVED))>>--<

#5 Re: Support » Action Replay Help! » 2009-11-30 20:29:42

i still only got files and folders..... maybe another mirror???

#6 Re: Support » Action Replay Help! » 2009-11-30 20:24:48

When I downloaded 0.9.5 I only got files, folders and 2 applications relating to cmd, so i dont no what 2 do =/
should i try uninstall?

#7 Re: Support » Action Replay Help! » 2009-11-30 19:18:07

Help Still Doesn't Work!!!! Is There Something I Missed???

#8 Re: Support » Action Replay Help! » 2009-11-30 18:18:16

well, i just figured out i had to restore the old application from 0.9.2 and put it in the folder so HA!. BTW, i am not a noob, i am a giant windows geek. one of my favorite programs is registry editor.

ANYWAY: I opened it up and the action replay button is still grayed out. wtf is up?!?
And seriously, you don't have to be such a D!ck about it.

#9 Re: Support » Action Replay Help! » 2009-11-30 18:00:24

well, i just installed 0.9.5 and i cannot find an .exe application anywhere! where is it?

#10 Re: Support » Action Replay Help! » 2009-11-30 17:45:07

oh. also, do i have to have my action replay plugged in to the computer?

#11 Support » Action Replay Help! » 2009-11-30 09:07:54

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I have the most current version so far, and i have the "Action Replay" and "Codebreaker" buttons, but they're grayed out! I can only enter "internal" cheats and that is only for values. Any help???? PLEASE!!!!!

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