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#1 Re: Support II (decommissioned) » Can't reset ingame on Soul Silver » 2011-03-13 23:48:35

It's just some code I discovered a while back that I thought to reuse. I have a dinky little laptop from the dark ages to begin with, and I usually use frameskip 2 or 3 to keep it a bit smoother than 9. BUS was already disabled. The code made any text box load instantly. It's a minor convenience.

EDIT: Fair enough, zemorus. To me, the problem wasn't with the game freezing, it seemed from the beginning similar to savetype issues GBA emulators sometimes have. Thanks for not being a dick to some new guy and trying to help.

#2 Re: Support II (decommissioned) » Can't reset ingame on Soul Silver » 2011-03-13 23:41:21

SOLVED: I was using an action replay code to make text boxes load 10x faster. I found the file that saves codes, moved it out of the folder, reloaded DeSmuMe and my savestate, then was able to reset just fine. Thanks for the help.

#3 Re: Support II (decommissioned) » Can't reset ingame on Soul Silver » 2011-03-13 23:25:07

1. The problem is not the ingame "Save" option. Everything seems to work there. When I ctrl+R, all I get is a white screen, and either the ROM or the emulator freezes.
2. I found it. It was already unticked. It's grayed out.
3. Well, technically not a soft-reset, but after you beat the E4/Red, the game saves and sends you back to the starting screen. It'll freeze here, so I can't get past then.

Now that I've updated, I can't seem to manually change my save type. It was on auto before, and this is where I suspect the problem was. hmm

Edit; fuck it, I'm gonna try Heart Gold.

#4 Re: Support II (decommissioned) » Can't reset ingame on Soul Silver » 2011-03-13 23:10:52

1. Updating DeSmuMe makes me paranoid for all my other savestates. Is it as safe as I want to believe it is?
2. What do you mean by this?
3. The game requires that I do an ingame reset.


1. Updating DeSmuMe did not help.
2. It's already disabled, and I don't even have the option to enable it.

#5 Support II (decommissioned) » Can't reset ingame on Soul Silver » 2011-03-13 22:48:39

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I'm using DeSmuMe 0.9.6 with a Pokemon Soul Silver (U) Rom. Everything works fine except for this: When I try a soft reset using Ctrl+R, I just get a white screen. "SAVE" ingame works just fine, I just can't reset ingame. This is a problem, any ideas?

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