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#1 Re: General » Control config question » 2009-12-10 19:07:19

Bisu[Shield] wrote:

Well im playing a game where i need to press 3 buttons simultaneously and i dont have a controller or anything and my computer doesn't read more than 2 simultaneous key presses. so basically im kinda screwed for games like that without a controller or something?

you are playing Chrono Trigger, isn't?

#2 Re: General » Feature suggestion: Tactil / mouse » 2009-11-16 20:41:51

zeromus wrote:

You can do what I said. You already asked that question. I already answered it.

thanks. it works perfectly!

#3 Re: General » Feature suggestion: Tactil / mouse » 2009-11-15 20:54:47

zeromus wrote:

use pause and frame advance. pause the game. click the mouse. frame advance. move the mouse across the screen. unpause.

I'm going to try that, but what I mean it's where you have to moving the mouse from right to left very fast (it's like you have to paint very fast). What can you do in that situation?

#4 General » Feature suggestion: Tactil / mouse » 2009-11-15 19:22:17

Replies: 6

It's possible to add a turbo option also for the touch/tactil thing??
there are some game that you have to touch or scratch very quickly and with the mouse it's very dificult... :S

#5 Re: General » Spanish translation » 2009-11-15 19:16:09

ryuHACK wrote:

Hello, can you create the new versions of DeSmuME with the Spanish Language included?

And other question, is possible execute the BIOS in DeSmuME for configure the hour, language, etc?

Thanks in advanced.

you can put the spanish language in the firmware setting, and the hour and day with the windows clock ;-).... I was playing pokemon and it's work big_smile

#6 Re: General » Where I can find svn? » 2009-10-20 23:17:22

Grandork wrote:
DottorLeo wrote:

Not so true. If you check the Bugtracker, many times there are "regression on SVNxxxx" because it's useful to know that build has broken something. Also if we have much more users that test the code developer can fix a lot more bugs. At this moment we are 3 big "bug finder", me, Nash679 and Pokefan999, But we can't check all the games in DS library and we can't check them from start to end.

Another thing at this developing stage the code is much more reliable that official 0.9.4, trust me.

Compiling is simple (almost for Windows, i don't use OSX or Linux) and i strongly encourage the people to test the lastest SVNs.

Trust me, if the person is so dumb that they can't find it on google, they're insight on the problems can't be that big of a loss.

I will give a hint for all those who can't find it on google:

Desmume (r*SVN Nº*)

or maybe nobody wants to download fake files, that's why they ask before...:S

anyway, here is the SVN Desmume-r2980.7z and will be updated whenever possible
thanks to orleans (also there are SVN for others emulators) ;-)
http://snip (what part of NO svn builds here wasn't clear?)

and what is the point to giving hints? you can't just tell where download? bad forum member friend you are tongue

EDIT: removed url, by shash

#7 Re: General » Where I can find svn? » 2009-10-15 20:54:46

mike wrote:
pedidor wrote:

Ah I see... becuase of that's there isn't SVN...

well, but there is no way that someone make a post and explain that there isn't oficial version and it's for test only bla bla bla etc?

so in that way the people impatient like me can see in wich way it's taken these fabulos emulator tongue

There is an SVN, but it is mostly unsupported. SVN code isn't thoroughly tested before being made available, unlike official versions of DeSmuME, so making SVN builds publically available ready made would flood the forums with unnecessary support threads.

damn saint moises...
well I have to wait then... it's too dificult for me compile material although I have never tried tongue

thanks for you explanation, case closed big_smile

#8 Re: General » Where I can find svn? » 2009-10-15 20:37:24

mike wrote:
DottorLeo wrote:

Lol i don't know tongue

Ok, i think it's better to rewrite the entire SVN build guide to make it more... dumb user like big_smile

SVN isn't for everyday users to get a "sneak peak". SVN is for devs to make collaborating easier. As a result, code can somtimes be left in a broken state for some time.

If everyone was given SVN builds, the forums would be flooded with "SVN revision 'n' doesn't work, fix it please!!!!!!". So there are no provided SVN builds.

Ah I see... becuase of that's there isn't SVN...

well, but there is no way that someone make a post and explain that there isn't oficial version and it's for test only bla bla bla etc?

so in that way the people impatient like me can see in wich way it's taken these fabulos emulator tongue

#9 Re: General » Where I can find svn? » 2009-10-14 20:17:30

nut wrote:

Another option is, wait for the oficial release or use the methods from above posts.

well, I think I am going to wait the oficial release... it seem that isn't too far but the way big_smile

What's the last svn (29??)? so I can googling for it

#10 Re: General » Where I can find svn? » 2009-10-13 22:56:16

shash wrote:

Use google or compile yourself (it's detailed on the FAQ).

but I don't wanna compile by myself tongue

there is no way that anyone upload his own compiled version?

thanks thanks thanks in advance

#11 General » Where I can find svn? » 2009-10-13 21:23:25

Replies: 16

Someone can tell where I can download the last SVN compiled?
or maybe someone can upload for me, please, thanks smile

#12 Re: Support II (decommissioned) » Zelda Phantom Hourglass » 2009-10-10 19:43:03

sugakane wrote:

im stuck trying to blow out candles on Astrid's island using a hotkey for microphone. after a weeks try iv managed to blow out one. please help...dunno what to do

If you have a microphone conected to your PC just blow.... it's works for me.... (or you can find a wav file that sound like a human blowing tongue)
actually yesterday I finished the game... Thanks to desmume developers!!!

really it's a entertaining game... they need to work a little in the sound but then it's perfect big_smile

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