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#2 Support II (decommissioned) » Brain Training, Dr.Kawashima, not running » 2007-04-12 08:13:42

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Hi, I've tested with Desmune 0.6, Brain Training of Dr.Kawashima ROM (nds).
Support is improved since 0.4 version (hangs after language selection) cause I have sucessfully selected the language and a welcome image/text is displayed, plus music is correctly played (smetimes glitches, but it is caused by too high CPU consumtion, Sempron 2.8Ghz (64bit core), 1Gbyte, Geforce FX5500).
After selecting the language and the welcome image, a white&clean screen is displayed while the music is corectly played.Then nothing happens.The game stays there playing his  song on the white screen. :-(

Has anyone played this game on Desmune? is there any trick or configuration tip?Is there a mysterious key ?

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