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#1 Re: Support » Virus Found? » 2020-11-28 18:59:19

Virus found only when download with Chrome, i download that same file with another browser (Opera) and no problem occurs anymore.

#2 Re: Support » Virus Found? » 2020-11-27 01:31:37

Same problem with build,, and several others (from … a3d494.png

Some latest builds are detected as virus and some arent, = clean, = virus detected

Win10x64 20H2 fully updated, Windows Defender antivirus

#3 Re: Support » Website confusion » 2020-05-08 18:44:07

You can download just a single executable from Appveyor and this will works.

#4 Re: Support » Castlevania Portrait of Ruin Credits Glitching » 2020-04-15 22:04:44

No one will use that builds until you release it as stable. Whats the problem? No permission to release? Lost some account to do it?

#5 Re: Support » Error loading save state » 2020-03-08 12:56:30

Using savestates in games with ingame save system _always_ cause to lose game progress

#6 Re: Support » Language in Pokémon Platinum » 2020-01-20 08:06:20

Also "ROM Info->Game code" works strange, is it a bug?
I open european version of Pokemon Platinum (NTR-CPUP-EUR) but DeSmuME shows NTR-CPUE-USA, thats american version code.
I checked checksums of that ROM and compare it with info on, same thing with, for example, Pokemon Diamond ROM.
Version i used is git#be2735b3_x64 and autobuild from

#8 Re: Support » R4 Cheat Codes » 2019-12-23 06:08:10

If you want people use something newer why you dont release it as stable. Really, everyone around using 0.9.11.

#9 Re: Support » Pokémon Heart Gold: Saves "in game" and the "load state from..." » 2019-12-08 15:05:21

When you load that state it overwrites your current progress (ingame save) with data you had at moment when you save that state.
Never use save/load states in games with ingame save system.

#10 Re: Support » Games don't start if cheats are active » 2019-11-09 11:52:50

You must be really bad if you are using cheats in a game for kids.

#11 Re: Support » How to make DeSmuME second screen look better? » 2019-11-07 20:15:39

Some observations in code - this guy is
He is inactive since 2018. … ee01453e82
Here is screen ratios hardcoded:

MainWindow->checkMenu(IDC_SCR_RATIO_1p2, ((int)(screenSizeRatio*10)==12));
MainWindow->checkMenu(IDC_SCR_RATIO_1p3, ((int)(screenSizeRatio*10)==13));
MainWindow->checkMenu(IDC_SCR_RATIO_1p4, ((int)(screenSizeRatio*10)==14));

corresponding part of menu is:

MENUITEM "1.2 : 0.8",                   IDC_SCR_RATIO_1p2
MENUITEM "1.3 : 0.7",                   IDC_SCR_RATIO_1p3
MENUITEM "1.4 : 0.6",                   IDC_SCR_RATIO_1p4

The ratio where the bottom (right in horizontal layout) screen is half size of the top one is 2*2/3=1.33333.. because 2=1.333+(1.333/2) but set this value manually in ini file isnt working.

#12 Re: Support » How to make DeSmuME second screen look better? » 2019-11-07 15:10:22

Only the integer scale rates of original resolution looks good (x2, x3 etc) especially for text but there is no such option to set different integer rates to both screens for now.
It would be nice to have this.

#13 Re: General » Next stable release? » 2019-09-24 14:44:40

Most of people avoid using non-stable versions.

#14 General » Next stable release? » 2019-09-23 01:29:29

Replies: 2

I wonder what is the conditions to release a stable version?
Is there some bugs to fix or some features to add? It's more than four years passed after the last release.

#15 Re: Compatibility » Dragon quest V not working??? » 2019-08-31 07:35:14

DQ V works fine for me, you are probably have a bad rom.

#17 Re: General » desmume status update request » 2019-07-15 12:41:05

Something broken with autobuilds on and no monthly builds since march..

#19 Re: Compatibility » [OSX] Hotel Dusk » 2013-06-27 04:59:52

Build Info: 0.9.9 x64 (LLVM-Clang v4.2.0)
Build Date: Apr 27 2013
Operating System: Mac OS X v10.8.4 (12E55)
Model Identifier: MacBookPro8,1

Here you go

#20 Re: Compatibility » [OSX] Hotel Dusk » 2013-06-26 23:39:10

Took a screenshot for you guys.

Also, I turned off that filter setting to None.

I am a big fan of this emulator so I will try and do as much as I can to contribute to the productivity and stability of this software. Please let me know if you require any further details.

I would even pay to have Hotel Dusk properly running on my macbook smile

#21 Re: Compatibility » [OSX] Hotel Dusk » 2013-06-26 17:59:15

I downloaded nocash with a wine skin. I tried DesMuME with Wine just now at the result is even worse. CPU Usage went over 200% at times and the macbook fan went into desperation mode.

#22 Re: Compatibility » [OSX] Hotel Dusk » 2013-06-26 17:31:35

Thank you for your response.

I ran the activity monitor to check if anything else was hogging CPU usage. There was nothing else using CPU but when I ran the game I noticed that CPU usage for DeSmuME was over 132%. It would jump up and down between 80% and 130+%.

Is this normal? Is it possible there is a setting I can change that would rectify this?

The other emulator No$GBA runs this game at full speed.

#23 Compatibility » [OSX] Hotel Dusk » 2013-06-25 23:22:15

Replies: 9

The game seems to slow down at at random times when walking or certain text relating to new investigation points appears. Also, I notice the screen showing the game world seems to shake up and down - shimmer.

Also, I notice audio crackling as well.

The only setting I changed was to the Dynamic Recompiler as suggested on the front page.

Hope this is helpful.

I am using a Macbook 2011 model 2.4 Ghz I5.
Mountain Lion

#24 Re: Technical » desmume-cli seg faults when running with the opengl-2d flag » 2012-07-27 10:58:35

Turns out I was linking against the wrong libGL. Should have specified LDFLAGS=-L/System/Library/Frameworks/OpenGL.framework/Versions/A/Libraries instead of /usr/X11/lib

#25 Re: Technical » WIFI: SoftAP: PCap library not available on your system » 2012-07-25 08:13:02

So far, I've tested the GTK, the glade and the cli front ends. PCap only works on the GTK frontend.

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